Brown bag seminar: Improving Language Comprehension in Preschool Children with Language Difficulties: A Cluster Randomized Trial

Welcome to CEMO's weekly Brown Bag seminars in methodology. This week's seminar is about language comprehension for preschool children and will be given by Researcher Åste Marie Mjelve Hagen from the Department of Special Needs Education.

Background: Children with language comprehension difficulties are at risk of educational and social problems, which in turn impede employment prospects in adulthood. However, few randomized trials have examined how such problems can be ameliorated during the preschool years.

Methods: We conducted a cluster randomized trial in 148 preschool classrooms. Our intervention targeted language comprehension skills and lasted one year and one month, with five blocks of six weeks and intervention three times per week (about 75 minutes per week). Effects were assessed on a range of measures of language performance.

Results: Immediately after the intervention, there were moderate effects on both near, intermediate and distal measures of language performance. At delayed follow-up (seven months after the intervention), these reliable effects remained for the distal measures.

Conclusion: It is possible to intervene in classroom settings to improve the language comprehension skills of children with language difficulties. However, it appears that such interventions need to be intensive and prolonged.

The seminar is open to everybody. Participants bring along their lunch, listen to the presentation, discuss scientific topics, give feedback, and socialize.


Published Aug. 16, 2017 10:03 AM - Last modified Aug. 16, 2017 10:03 AM