New to CEMO

Are you interested in working at CEMO or have you already received a position? Here are some practical information to soften the move to Norway and Oslo.

International researcher at UiO

The University of Oslo has a support site for international researchers. Here you will find all the information you need about working at UiO and what to do before and after your arrival in Oslo.

Where is CEMO located? Find us here.

New in Norway

For more practical information on your new life in Norway:

Accommodation for international researchers:

Practical advices

  • Holiday pay: Holiday pay is earned the year before the holidays are taken and paid instead of ordinary pay during holiday absence. Employees who did not work the previous year are also entitled to holidays, but not to holiday pay. The right to holiday pay is linked to the term 'employee', i.e. someone working in the service of another. The legislation does not give freelancers and self-employed contractors the right to holiday pay. Read more about holiday pay here (external link).
  • Credit card: In Norway you must have a bank card/credit card (VISA, MasterCard etc) with a chip on it. It's not possible to use a card with only a magnetic stripe. 
  • Cell phone: In order to get a Norwegian cell phone number you need a Norwegian D number. Read more about how to get a Norwegian D number on the websites of the Norwegian Tax Administration (external link).