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The list contains 29 staff members.
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Andersson, Björn Associate Professor
Andresen, Øystein Higher Executive Officer +47-22850226 Web, Communication
Blömeke, Sigrid Centre Director Teacher competencies, International studies, Knowledge tests, Performance assessments
Braeken, Johan Professor +47-22844826 Statistics, Psychometrics, Modern test design, Item Response Theory, CAT
Chen, Hsin Research Assistant
Daus, Stephan Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844471 92433550 (mob)
Frey, Andreas Professor II +493641945348 Psychometrics, PISA, Item Response Theory, Computerized adaptive testing
Haakstad, Haakon Thorbergsen Doctoral Research Fellow
Helland-Riise, Fredrik Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854371
Heslien, Siri Andrea Paulsen Senior Executive Officer +47-22844708
Lehre, Anne-Catherine W G Senior Adviser +47-22854151
Leoncio Netto, Waldir equating, Item Response Theory, Testing, R
Liaw, Yuan-Ling Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844415
Matta, Tyler Researcher
Mughogho, Kondwani Kajera Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857219
Niculescu, Alexandra Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854329 +47-22854329
Olsen, Rolf Vegar Professor +47-22844510 98859376 (mob) Students' achievement, CEMO, International comparative studies, Quantitative analysis, Learning and teaching, Science education, Educational sciences
Reis Costa, Denise Postdoctoral Fellow
Ribeiro, Luisa Jacinta Feio Antunes Researcher
Rutkowski, David Professor II +47-22844468 USA, Global South
Rutkowski, Leslie Professor II +47-22844490 USA
Ræder, Henrik Galligani Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844496 +47-46470438 (mob)
Schauber, Stefan Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850225
Scherer, Ronny Researcher +47-22844402 Computer-based assessment, Log file data, Meta-analysis
Skrondal, Anders Professor II Biostatistics, Psychometrics, Social Statistics, Statistics