Waldir Leoncio Netto

Academic interests

  • Item Response Theory
  • Statistical computing
  • Test equating

Current project: Ph.D. thesis

Working title

Simultaneous estimation of Item Response Theory multiple equating coefficients


Michela Battauz, University of Udine, Italy

Periods as visiting researcher

  • 2017 Department of Statistics, Umeå University, Sweden (supervisor: Marie Wiberg)
  • 2018 CEMO, University of Oslo (contact: Björn Andersson)

Relevant background

  • 2015–         Ph.D. student, Department of Statistical Sciences, University of Padua, Italy
  • 2007–2015 Statistician, Attorney-General's Office, Brazil
  • 2001–2005 Bachelor in Statistics, University of Brasilia, Brazil
Tags: equating, Item Response Theory, Testing, R Error when retrieving publications from Cristin
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