Brown Bag seminar

What is a Brown Bag seminar?

A Brown Bag seminar is a forum, in which students and researchers can present their research in an informal setting during a lunch break. Participants simply bring along their lunch, listen to a presentation, discuss scientific topics, give feedback, and socialize.

What is the aim of the seminar? 

The Brown Bag seminars serve the purpose of knowledge transfer, scientific discussion, and feedback. As a presenter, you may propose

  • Research ideas, ongoing and existing research
  • Papers in progress
  • Methodological issues and questions

in any field related to methods in educational sciences, educational psychology, measurement, or assessment.

Intended audience

The seminar is open to everyone. We particularly invite PhD students, Postdoctoral Researchers, Researchers, and Professors to present in the seminar at any stage of their work.

Practicalities and Contact

Since the audience will be international, the language at the Brown Bag seminar is English. Presentations may not exceed 40 minutes.

If you would like to present at a Brown Bag seminar please contact: Anne-Catherine Lehre or Rolf Vegar Olsen.

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Published Oct. 14, 2014 1:52 PM - Last modified June 20, 2017 4:23 PM