Academic expertise

Sigrid Blömeke

Director and Professor

  • Assessment in higher education
  • International and national large-scale assessments

Rolf Vegar Olsen

Co-director and Professor

  • International large-scale assessment
  • National assessment

Leslie Rutkowski


  • International large-scale assessment
  • Latent variable models
  • Heterogeneous measurement models

David Rutkowski


  • International large-scale assessment
  • Educational Assessment Policy
  • Evaluation

Johan Braeken


  • Latent variable models in psychometrics
  • IRT & Local item dependence

Ronny Scherer

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Computer-based assessment
  • Latent variable models
  • International large-scale assessments in education

Stefan Schauber

Postdoctoral Fellow

Yuan-Ling Liaw

Postdoctoral Fellow

Stephan Daus

PhD Candidate

  • Opportunity to learn
  • Explanatory item response models

Melaku Tesfa Tesema

PhD Candidate

  • National Assessment/Examination
  • Admission test
  • Validity

Fredrik Helland

PhD Candidate

Kondwani Kajera Mughogho

PhD Candidate

  • International large-scale assessment

Tyler Matta

Gustafsson-Skrondal Scholar

  • Longitudinal data analysis 
  • Missing data
  • Bayesian inference

Jan-Eric Gustafsson

Professor II

  • International comparative studies on achievement and selection in education
  • Multilevel SEM

Henrik D. Zachrisson

Professor II

  • Early childhood Education
  • Causal inference based on observational studies

Anders Skrondal

Professor II

  • Psychometrics, especially latent variables
  • (Bio)statistics
  • Microeconometrics


Andreas Frey

Professor II

  • Methods of Large-Scale Assessments
  • Computerized Adaptive Testing
  • Complex MIRT-Modeling

Anne-Catherine Lehre

Senior Advisor

  • Sex differences (inter- and intrasex variability)

Øystein Andresen

Higher Executive Officer

  • Public Relations (i.e websites and social media)
  • Conference coordinator

Previous CEMO members

Yuanyue Wu (2017)

Muirne Paap (2017)

Russel Clark Boothby (2017)

Lars Jenssen (2015)

Rolf Strietholt (2015)

Nina Hogrebe (2015)

Christin Lotz (2016)

Susanne Kuger (2016)

Sebastian Born (2016)