EngageLab is a team of designers and developers who aim to be at the forefront of research driven exploration and design.

We have 10 years experience in the fields of Technology Enhanced Learning, Digital Humanities, and Health Informatics.

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What activities does EngageLab support?

  • Large scale, long duration research projects
  • Individual and pilot research projects
  • Integrating multiple research partners
  • Innovation and commercialisation steps from research projects
  • Events, public performances, exhibitions, research dissemination
  • Seminars and workshops

Who can use EngageLab?

  • Researchers and students working within the range of activities listed here
  • External researchers who wish to develop links with the University of Oslo
  • Other partners, such as museums and schools, who wish to collaborate with the University of Oslo.

What facilities does EngageLab have?

  • A design and development team that collaborate with research teams
  • A design and development team that collaborate with other research driven exploration and design units and commercial development partners, nationally and internationally
  • A well equipped reconfigurable development studio for doing live events, experiments and workshops
  • A variety of digital tools, services, and infrastructures that can be integrated in research experiments, prototypes, and pilots

How to Engage with us?

If you are interested in accessing the wide range of expertise and resources at EngageLab, then get in touch with us to discuss how we might be able to help you.


Lars Lomell (director) or

Ole Smørdal (academic director)


P.O Box 1161 Blindern
NO-0318 Oslo, Norway

Tlf: (47) 22 84 07 00
Fax: (47) 22 84 05 92

How to find us

We are located in "Forskningsparken" - Oslo Science Park, just outside the main campus area. Find us on map.

Our portfolio