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Picture of Eva-Signe Falkenberg Falkenberg, Eva-Signe Professor emeritus Habilitation and Rehabilitation, Special Education, Special Needs Education, Developemental Processes in Text Comprehension
Fevolden, Benedikte Homme Adviser +47-22844416
Picture of Dag T Oddssøn Fjeldstad Fjeldstad, Dag T Oddssøn Professor Emeritus +47-22857614
Flattum, Inger Schedell Communications Adviser +47-47915233 47915233
Picture of Britt Oda Fosse Fosse, Britt Oda Associate Professor +47-22844598
Picture of Jon Erlend Fosvold Fosvold, Jon Erlend Higher Executive Officer +47-22855060 Reception
Fredlund, Tobias Postdoctoral Fellow Science education, Classroom-research, Teacher education, Social semiotics, Variation theory
Picture of Kristin Fedje Fredriksen Fredriksen, Kristin Fedje Head of Office +47-22858060
Picture of Ester Fremstad Fremstad, Ester Lecturer +47-22857305 +47-41414620 (+47) 41 41 46 20 Education, Workplace learning, Higher Education
Picture of Philipp Friedrich Friedrich, Philipp Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22855526 Higher education, higher education institutions and systems, higher education reforms
Picture of Jørgen Frost Frost, Jørgen Professor emeritus
Picture of Tove Stjern Frønes Frønes, Tove Stjern Adviser +47-22844397
Picture of Jo Inge Johansen Frøytlog Frøytlog, Jo Inge Johansen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840595 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Anniken Furberg Furberg, Anniken Associate Professor +47-22844914 Computer-based Collaborative Learning, Inquiry-based learning, Teaching in computer-based settings, Socio-cultural theory
Picture of Ida Lodding Gabrielsen Gabrielsen, Ida Lodding Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Veerle Garrels Garrels, Veerle Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858108
Picture of Øystein Gilje Gilje, Øystein Associate Professor +47-22858186
Gismarvik, Marit Enny Research Assistant
Picture of Margaret Mumbi Githanga Githanga, Margaret Mumbi Doctorel Research Fellow +47-22857481 Education, Special needs education, Global South
Picture of Torgrim Gjesme Gjesme, Torgrim Professor Emeritus Education, Motivation
Gloppen, Silje Kristin Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ulf Tore Gomnæs Gomnæs, Ulf Tore Lecturer +47-22858110
Picture of Mats Granlund Granlund, Mats Professor II
Picture of Jan Grannäs Grannäs, Jan Associate Professor
Picture of Ulf Tero Grefsgård Grefsgård, Ulf Tero Senior Executive Officer +47-22858150 Research administration