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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Ingulfsen, Line Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22852920
Picture of Hilde Marie Madsø Jacobsen Jacobsen, Hilde Marie Madsø Project Manager +47-22844821
Jahnsen, Vanja Røkkum Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Fredrik Jensen Jensen, Fredrik Researcher +47-22844591
Picture of Karen Jensen Jensen, Karen Professor +47-22855357 Education, Workplace learning, Higher education
Picture of Kjerstin Eek Jensen Jensen, Kjerstin Eek Senior Executive Officer +47-22858277 Study administration
Picture of Ragnhild Engdal Jensen Jensen, Ragnhild Engdal Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ruth Jensen Jensen, Ruth Associate Professor +47-22844857 USA, Nordic
Picture of Ruth Jensen Jensen, Ruth Associate Professor +47-22844857 +4745411604 Educational Leadership, Educational Leadership and organisational learning
Picture of Inga Staal Jenset Jenset, Inga Staal Lecturer +47-22855041 USA, Nordic
Picture of Suresh A. Johnpillai Johnpillai, Suresh A. Senior Executive Officer +47-22840733 90563415 +4790563415
Picture of Berit Johnsen Johnsen, Berit Associate Professor +47-22858076
Jonsborg, Lage Senior +47-22858059
Picture of Doris Jorde Jorde, Doris Professor +47-22856110 +47-93406990
Picture of Karl Øyvind Jordell Jordell, Karl Øyvind Professor +47-22855382 Education, Teacher education
Picture of Alfredo Jornet Gil Jornet Gil, Alfredo Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840146 95156142 +47 95156142 Education, Museums and communication
Picture of Surinder Nath Joshi Joshi, Surinder Nath Senior Adviser +47-22858255 +47-92024773
Picture of Tamar Kalandadze Kalandadze, Tamar
Kalsoom, Amina Higher Executive Officer +47-22854157
Picture of Jannicke Karlsen Karlsen, Jannicke Post.doc
Picture of Berit Karseth Karseth, Berit Professor +47-22855292 Education, Curriculum studies
Picture of Hanna Karv Karv, Hanna Adviser +47-22859413 Research administration, External funding, EU, project management
Picture of Jon Kaurel Kaurel, Jon Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845318 Education, Bildung
Picture of Jasmina Kazazic Kazazic, Jasmina Executive Officer
Picture of Carita Kiili Kiili, Carita Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857780 Education, Comprehending and learning from text