Academic staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Azita Afsar Afsar, Azita Lecturer +47-22857326 Ecucation, Curriculum studies
Picture of Parisa Afshin Afshin, Parisa Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858326 Education, Workplace learning
Picture of Anja Amundrud Amundrud, Anja Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840720 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Renate Andersen Andersen, Renate Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840709 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Anette Andresen Andresen, Anette Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854007 97501922
Picture of Øistein Anmarkrud Anmarkrud, Øistein Professor +47-22858046
Picture of Anne Arnesen Arnesen, Anne Researcher +47-22859190 +47-98234653 98234653
Picture of Hans Christian Arnseth Arnseth, Hans Christian Associate Professor and Head of Research +47-22855348 +47-92245443 Education, ICT and learning, USA
Aslaksen, Helmer Associate Professor +47-22844482
Picture of Pirjo Aunio Aunio, Pirjo Professor / Head of Research - Department of Special Needs Education +47-22858049 Special Needs Education, Learning difficulties in mathematics
Picture of Jonas Bakken Bakken, Jonas Associate Professor +47-22845848
Picture of Christian Watkin Beck Beck, Christian Watkin Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22856162 Education, Social inequality and education
Picture of Eevi Elisabeth Beck Beck, Eevi Elisabeth Professor +47-22854259 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Ingrid Rodrick Beiler Beiler, Ingrid Rodrick Doctoral Research Fellow English teaching, Multilingualism, Classroom research, Writing, Teaching and learning, Sociolinguistics, Language acquisition, Linguistic ethnography, English
Picture of Teklu Bekele Bekele, Teklu Senior Lecturer +47-22855367 Education, Comparative and international studies, Global South
Picture of Ole Kristian Bergem Bergem, Ole Kristian Researcher +47-22844125
Picture of Julius Kristjan Björnsson Björnsson, Julius Kristjan Researcher +47-22857719 +47-91134593 +4791134593 EKVA, National tests, Psychometrics
Picture of Marte Blikstad-Balas Blikstad-Balas, Marte Associate Professor +47-22850223 90824582 Literacy, Reading, Writing, ICT and Learning, ICT, classroom-research
Picture of Arild Boman Boman, Arild Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22840731 +47-22840700 Education, Museums and communication
Picture of Christian Brandmo Brandmo, Christian Associate Professor +47 22855243 Educational Science, Educational Leadership, Motivation, Learning Theories, Metacognition, Personal Epistemology
Picture of Eva Wennås Brante Brante, Eva Wennås Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22855340 +47-90886479 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Picture of Siri Steffensen Bratlie Bratlie, Siri Steffensen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22857738
Brataas, Gøril Lecturer 95186788
Picture of Lisbeth M. Brevik Brevik, Lisbeth M. Associate Professor +47-22856330 +47-90036500
Picture of Ellen Iren Brinchmann Brinchmann, Ellen Iren Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854877