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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Thor Arnfinn  Kleven Kleven, Thor Arnfinn Associate Professor Emeritus +47-22856162 Education, Quantitative analysis of education
Picture of Anders Kluge Kluge, Anders Researcher +47-22840710 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Erik Knain Knain, Erik Professor +47-22858252 Inquiry-based learning, socio-scientific issues, scientific literacy
Picture of Karsten Korbøl Korbøl, Karsten Lecturer +47-22844864 99232327
Picture of Jarl Kleppe Kristensen Kristensen, Jarl Kleppe Research Assistant +47-22858022
Picture of Svitlana Kucherenko Kucherenko, Svitlana Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840854 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Picture of Ole Andreas Kvamme Kvamme, Ole Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844867 90011561
Picture of Anett Kaale Kaale, Anett Associate Professor +47-22856636 +47-41780045 Autism spectrum disorder, intervention, preschool, social communication, USA
Picture of Hege Kaarstein Kaarstein, Hege Researcher +47-22856602
Picture of Leif Christian Lahn Lahn, Leif Christian Professor +47-22857076 +47-99557448 Education, Workplace learning
Picture of Ørjan Flygt Landfald Landfald, Ørjan Flygt Lecturer +47-22855303 +47-97702706 Education, Perspectives on learning
Larsen, Eivind Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Linda Larsen Larsen, Linda Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22857733
Picture of Jon Lauglo Lauglo, Jon Professor Emeritus +47-22855381 Education, Social inequality and education
Picture of Joshua Lawrence Lawrence, Joshua Associate Professor +47-22858153 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Picture of Eli Lejonberg Lejonberg, Eli Associate Professor +47-22858250 Japan
Picture of Arne Ola Lervåg Lervåg, Arne Ola Professor +47-22844701 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Picture of Suzanne Stiver Lie Lie, Suzanne Stiver Professor Emerita +47-22144397 +47-93693597 Education, Gender
Picture of Sigmund Lieberg Lieberg, Sigmund Professor Emeritus Education, Curriculum studies
Litovsky, Ruth Professor II
Picture of Fengshu Liu Liu, Fengshu Professor +47-22856163 Education, Modern childhood, Gender, China, Global South
Picture of Anita Lopez-Pedersen Lopez-Pedersen, Anita Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854442 918 30 469 Learning difficulties in mathematics, special needs education
Picture of Sten Ludvigsen Ludvigsen, Sten Dean +4722840712 +4795774652 Education, ICT and learning, USA
Picture of Maike Luimes Luimes, Maike Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858578 Education, Curriculum studies
Picture of Andreas Lund Lund, Andreas Professor +47-22855068