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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Markku Niemivirta Niemivirta, Markku Associate Professor +47-22857778 Education, Motivation
Picture of Trude Nilsen Nilsen, Trude Forsker +47-22854817
Picture of Anders  Nordahl-Hansen Nordahl-Hansen , Anders Post.doc +47 22857356 +47 40873179 +47 40873179 Autism Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Neurodevelopmental Disorders, Child Development
Nortvedt, Guri Associate Professor +47-22854332
Picture of Geir Nyborg Nyborg, Geir Associate Professor +47-22859182
Picture of Kari-Anne Bottegaard Næss Næss, Kari-Anne Bottegaard Associate Professor +47-22859163 +4792240741 Special Education, Special Needs Education, Language and Learning, Stimulation and Preventive Strategies, Developemental Disabilities
Picture of Bodil Stokke  Olaussen Olaussen, Bodil Stokke Professor Emeritus +47-22844406 Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Picture of Maren Omland Omland, Maren Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22840714 Education, ICT and learning
Picture of Torgeir Onstad Onstad, Torgeir Senior
Picture of Emily C Oswald Oswald, Emily C Doctoral Research Fellow +47- 22840732 Education, Museums and communication
Picture of Annelie Ott Ott, Annelie Doctoral Research Fellow 0047 944 844 92
Picture of Eli Ottesen Ottesen, Eli Professor +47-22854280 teaching and learning, Educational leadership and school development, Teacher education, Professional learning
Picture of Vivi Pedersen Pedersen, Vivi Senior
Pettersen, Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845837
Picture of Palmyre Pierroux Pierroux, Palmyre Professor +47 22840737 +47 45432464 ICT and learning, Museums and communication, Multimodalitet, Social media, Design-based research
Picture of Athanasios Protopapas Protopapas, Athanasios Professor +47-22857705
Picture of Jelena Radisic Radisic, Jelena Postdoctoral Fellow +47 90894467 +47 90894467 EKVA, LEA, educational effectiveness, teacher practices, emergent literacy
Picture of Ingvill Rasmussen Rasmussen, Ingvill Associate Professor +47-22840749 Education, ICT and learning, Dialogic education, CPS, 21st century skill
Picture of Kari Beate Remmen Remmen, Kari Beate Associate Professor +47-22845684
Picture of Ulrikke Elisabeth Rindal Rindal, Ulrikke Elisabeth Associate Professor +47-22854152
Roaldset, Hege Lecturer +47-22857709
Picture of Astrid Roe Roe, Astrid Senior Researcher +47-22844400
Picture of Kristin Rogde Rogde, Kristin Education, Comprehending and learning from text
Picture of Berit  Rognhaug Rognhaug, Berit Professor +47-22858120 Habilitation and Rehabilitation, ICT and learning, Special Needs Education, Special Education, Developmental disability, Habilitation and Rehabilitation, ICT in Special Education
Picture of Monica Ylve Helene Rudberg Rudberg, Monica Ylve Helene Professor Emeritus +47-22855369 +47-97490420 Education, Gender