The PhD training

The Degree of PhD at the Faculty of Education is linked to subject areas that are at any time covered by the Faculty's research portfolio. The course of study leading to the PhD degree constitutes research training within the areas education, special needs education, subject didactics as well as relevant interdisciplinary areas.

As a PhD candidate you have been admitted to, and may participate in, academic activities under the programme, and you will be affiliated with one of the fields of study.

The research training

The prescribed duration of PhD programme is three years.

The central element of the Programme consists of critical and individual research into a special field, to be concluded in a doctoral dissertation. In addition comes a training component, corresponding to one semester's work, that is 30 credit points. The training component is intended to ensure that the candidate possesses broad academic expertise and to qualify him/her for the dissertation work. The courses are given both in Norwegian and English.

Academic supervision

As a PhD candidate at the Faculty of Education, you are required to participate in an active research community, and will receive individual and regular supervision. The faculty will usually appoint two supervisors, one principal academic supervisor and one co-supervisor.

PhD courses and seminars

The PhD courses is intended to cover training in theory of science, research ethics, as well as the theory and methodology that are central to the subject in which the candidate is specializing and the academic field he/she is becoming qualified in. Through the programme’s training component the candidate will also acquire competence in presenting his/her own research, as well as that of others, and in discussing and evaluating research presentations and research results as a part of his/her own learning process and as an academic peer. Furthermore, the candidate will receive supervised training in research dissemination.

The academic courses offered in the postgraduate programme and the individual PhD fields of study vary from one semester to another. Information on the subjects offered to doctoral candidates is updated continuously.


The dissertation should be an independent, scientific work that meets international standards with regard to scientific merit, methodology and ethical requirements. It must promote the development of new scientific knowledge and achieve a level of scientific merit which suggests that it could be published as part of the scientific literature in the subject area.

The aim

The aim of the doctoral degree programme is to train and recruit researchers for positions at universities, colleges and other institutions in society that make great demands on scientific methods of work and insight. Emphasis is therefore given to developing both professional breadth and in-depth academic research during the study period. In-depth knowledge is acquired through scientific work/research project, theoretically and methodical (doctoral dissertation). The aim regarding professional breadth will be attained in part by training through required course work and in part through studying assigned literature.

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