Completion - PhD

When you are admitted, you are committed to participate in academic activities under the programme.  The PhD degree is conferred on the basis of a satisfactory completion of the educational component, an approved scientific dissertation and a satisfactory performance on the PhD examination.


Before the dissertation is submitted for evaluation, you need to receive approval for your participation in the training component. You are responsible for ensuring that all participation which awards credit points is approved and documented and that you keep copies of all documentation throughout the entire PhD programme. In addition, the Departments at the Faculty will have arcive documentation related to participation in the programme by the individual doctoral candidates.

You must attach this form to the application for evaluation of the dissertation. Together with the confirmation that the training component has been completed as expected, you must attach a summary of your dissertation together with a confirmed copy of your earlier last academic degree.

Futher you must give us information concerning your supervisors and your admission period.


The adjudication committee

The Adjudication Committee is appointed by the Faculty on the proposal from the department to which you have been affiliated. The Committee’s report should normally be available within 3 months after the dissertation has been sent to the members of the Committee. The Committee’s report is dealt with by the Faculty.

The Adjudication Committee may either recommend that the dissertation should be approved for disputation or that it should be rejected.

Trial lecture and disputation

If the conclusion of the Adjudication Committee's report is positive, you will be informed of this by the Faculty following the dean’s approval of the recommendation. A few days after you have received this notification, you will receive a copy of the recommendation by mail, together with a letter stating the time and place for the disputation and the trial lecture.

In the letter you will also be informed of the date and the time for when you will receive the designated topic for the trial lecture. In the letter you will also receive information regarding deadlines for submission of the following to the Faculty:

  • dissertation to the printing house
  • errata list, if relevant
  • press release
  • personal information form
  • photo (as a jpg file)
  • only for Dr.Philos.: self-selected topic for trial lecture


Conferral of the PhD degree

Rector confers the degree of Philosophiae Doctor of the University of Oslo at a ceremony in the Old Hall. Conferrals usually takes place four times a year, in March, June, September and December. After the ceremony, there is a reception in Domus Bibliotheca.

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