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Child Language and Learning

The research group covers a broad area of research in the field of language development, language disorders and stimulation of children`s  language. The group consists of researchers and phd. students. International researchers are also assosiated with the group as well as master students in connection with their master thesis.


About the group

The aims of the group:

  • to generate knowledge about language skills, language disorders and learning in developmental, preventive and educational perspectives
  • to provide scientifically based knowledge to serve policy makers and educators in relevant fields in society
  • to be methodologically explorative, within both qualitative and quantitative research approaches
  • to further our scientific understanding of language skills and development of typically developing children as well as children with congenital or developmental disorders
  • to shed light on developmental milestones and  the mechanisms that facilitate and promote them
  • to specify characteristics of “educational dialogues” with reference to typical and delayed/deviant development
  • to contribute to the development of effective interventions for children with delayed language development

Three main approaches are being utilized. The first (Part 1) includes longitudinal and/or cross-sectional studies of typical and delayed development, focusing on developmental milestones associated with oral and written language of individual children aged 4-8. Data is mainly quantitative and gathered by testing different aspects of language repeatedly at different ages. The second approach (Part 2) focuses on natural dialogues between child - teacher and child - peers in pre-specified learning situations in kindergartens and classrooms. Single-case designs are utilized and data are qualitative as well as quantitative. The third part (Part 3) includes intervention studies with experimental design and control groups.


For an overview of the research projects conducted by the members of "Child Language and Learning" research group, follow this link.




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Bente Eriksen Hagtvet
Professor, Dr. philos, Cand. paed., Speech therapist.