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Expert cultures and institutional dynamics: Studies in higher education and work (ExCID)

The focus of the ExCID group is to strengthen our knowledge base and enhance our theoretical, methodological, and empirical understanding of the dynamics of higher education and its way of fostering academic and professional development. (Page in Norwegian)

ExCID was established in 2015 and consists of senior researchers and research fellows from the former two research groups HEIK and FALK. The group shares an interest in the dynamic interplay between knowledge creation and organisation of expert knowledge in higher education and working life. By bringing these societal, political and epistemic processes together, the group carries out research that examines the conditions for academic and professional development in a society that is more and more based on expert knowledge.

Even though higher education and working life are two separate sectors, they are tightly coupled through professional learning trajectories and questions on knowledge development and management of expertise. In a society in which most work processes are closely linked to learning and organisational change is often related to expectations of knowledge-based practices and innovation, it is necessary to investigate those processes and dynamics across boundaries. ExCID approaches these topics in two ways: from an institutional perspective with focus on organisational change and governance and from a cultural perspective with focus on how knowledge and participation are organised within and across different fields of expertise.

The group is organised around three core areas:

  • Organisation of knowledge, learning and developments in different expert cultures
  • Policy making and governance of educational institutions
  • Teaching, learning and academic development in higher education

The group is involved in various projects as the main coordinator or as a partner. In addition, the group arranges regular open academic seminars with both internal and external speakers and has its own working paper series.

Main projects

For more information on projects by ExCID members, please follow this link.

Academic programmes and courses

Group members are involved in teaching and supervision at the M. Phil Higher Education and the Master i Pedagogikk - Kunnskap, utdanning og læring (in Norwegian) programme at IPED, as well as in the NATED graduate school track four.

Cooperation and associate members

The group cooperates closely with Arena, the Centre for European Studies at UiO and NIFU, and a variety of international scholars. The group has also a number of associate members:

  • Åse Gornitzka (UiO, Norway)
  • Anders Mørch (IPED, UiO, Norway)
  • Hilde Afdal (HiØ, Norway)
  • Christine Watne Kristiansen (UiA, Norway)
  • Romulo Pinheiro (University of Agder, Norway)
  • Mari Elken (NIFU, Norway)
  • Jens Jungblut (INCHER, Germany)
  • Tatiana Fumasoli (University of Agder, Noway)
  • Crina Damsa (ILS, UiO, Norway)


In order to get updates and information about events at ExCID, you can subscribe to the e-mail list If you are an employee or student at UiO you can do this directly at Sympa, for all others, see information here (in Norwegian).

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