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Humanities Studies in Pedagogy (HumStud)

The research group Humanities Studies in Pedagogy (HumStud) engages primarily in philosophical and historical analysis of formal and informal education.

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The research group

We explore aspects of educational aims, processes and institutions related to forms of understanding, ethics, aesthetics and politics. Key topics are ethical-political education (Bildung); cognition; knowledge constructions; critical thinking; forms of recognition; and global citizenship.

Along with rapid knowledge changes and growing cultural diversities, humanity research are continuously taking up new themes and theories in the face of today’s democratic and moral challenges.

Historical, philosophical and epistemological analysis help to understand, question, and justify educational activities and research. This research area represents an integral element of the research portfolio at the Faculty of Education.

Research activities

Academic training

HumStud takes on a particular responsibility for the introductory course at the Faculty of Educational Sciences (UVExFac) and the PhD course Philosophy of Science (UV9001).

The research group organizes PhD courses and seminars at IPED’s general Master in Education. Students who wish to participate in international summer schools or research conferences can apply for a scholarship from HumStud


Members of HumStud are actively engaged within national and international research networks.


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