Participants in Inclusion and diversity - from a special education perspective

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Jorun Buli-Holmberg Associate Professor +47-22858069 +47-48119059 (mob)
Monica| Dalen Professor Emeritus +47-22858061 +47-91514318 (mob) +47-91514318 Special Education, Behavioral-related learning disabilities, children and youth education, Inclusive Education, Adoption and International adoption
Liv Duesund Professor +47-22858072 +47-41497909 (mob) Disruptive Behavior in Schools, Behavioral learning disorder, Eating disorder, Selfconcept, Apprenticeship, Skill model, The body and Learning, Phenomenology, Adapted Physical Activity, USA
Veerle Garrels Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22858108
Berit Johnsen Associate Professor +47-22858076
Liv Margarete Lassen Professor emeritus +47 22858059
Liv Heidi Mjelve Associate Professor / Academic Head of Studies +47-22858131
Gøril Moljord Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845631 Special Needs Education, Intellectual disability, Autonomy, Self-determination, Curriculum, functional life skills, Ethics, Philosophy of education, Inclusion
Ivar Morken Associate Professor +47-22858123 Culture, Migration, Socialization, Disabilities, Normality
Sven Nilsen +47-22858066 Inclusive Education, Special Education, Curriculum Studies, Educational Reforms, Individual Education Plans, Evaluation research, Bullying.
Geir Nyborg Associate Professor +47-22859182
Anne-Lise Rygvold
Hanne Marie Høybråten Sigstad Associate Professor +47-22858127 Behavioral-related learning disabilities, Habilitation and Rehabilitation, Special Needs Education, Inclusive Education, Disabilities, Rare Disorders, Coping and Quality of Life of vulnerable groups
Peer Møller Sørensen
Steinar Theie Associate Professor +47-22858058 +47-90841167 (mob)
Magnar Ødegård Lecturer +47-22859078 90629218 (mob)