Identity, Culture and Learning

This strand examines the interplay between the different social contexts of young people’s learning and identity construction. The aim is to explore how young people construct knowledge across learning contexts in their daily life, online and offline. We focus on four themes: multiple contexts for learning and how these are interlinked in complex ways; discourses of learning and new perspectives on what it means to be a learner; the use of cultural tools for learning and participating in multiple contexts; the use of new media in learning and identity work.

Selected Publications

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Featured Projects

Cultural Heritage Mediascapes: Innovation in Knowledge and Mediation Practices

Project Leader: Palmyre Pierroux  (2016-2019)

KnowMo - Knowledge in motion across contexts of learning

Project Leader: Ola Erstad (2012-2016)

Three Generations in a Chinese Village

Researcher: Fengshu Liu (2010-2014)

Spilltakulær - Gamification, participation and learning

Researcher: Ola Erstad (2014-2015)