NATED admission

Welcome to the NATED admission page.

Last deadline for applications to NATED admission is 20 August 2014.

All who will be accepted for NATED participation after the 20 August deadline are expected to participate at the NATED PhD days 13-15 October.

Who can apply?

PhD candidates who wish to apply for NATED admission have to meet the following criteria. You must:

  • Already be admitted at an ordinary PhD program at one of the NATED institutions.
  • Be employed by one of the NATED institutions. (NATED has a limited number of places for PhD candidates employed at other Norwegian higher education institutions*)
  • Pursue a research topic which complies with one of the NATED research themes.
  • Be planning a thesis which is article-based and written in English. Exceptions under certain circumstances.
  • Be motivated to participate in a collaborative research education programme.
  • Have been appointed a main or co-supervisor who has an international journal publication record.

NATED offer a limited number of places.

How do I apply?

  • Take time to inform yourself about NATED tracks, organization and requirements and check if you meet the requirements. Discuss topic relevance with supervisor and track leaders.
  • Submit the application form with attachments to the NATED Executive Office: s.b.loland[at]

When do I apply?

  • NATED will admit new PhD students after two application deadlines: 1 March and 20 August 2014.

What shall an application contain?

  • A completed application form
  • A full research proposal (max 10 pages)

Please, ensure the quality of the project proposal before it is submitted for consideration for admission. The project description must be clear in terms of research design, methodology, such as types of data, description of sample and schedule/progress plan.

What is the evaluation procedure?

The research proposal must be approved by the NATED Scientific and Educational Committee:

  • Track leaders review the track relevance and the quality of the research proposal.
  • The review is submitted to The Scientific and Educational Committee who makes the final decision with regards to admissions.

What rights and duties follow a NATED PhD membership?

The contract form (for download below) describes the rights and duties of all parties involved in a PhD student admission.


NATED Application form (docx)
NATED Contract form (pdf)


  • You may contact track leaders or the scientific leader if you have questions or wish to discuss thematic relevance.
  • Administrative questions regarding NATED admissions can be directed to Toril Eggen


* For PhD applicants employed at non-member institutions: Your NATED member PhD programme institution is the starting point for financial support of participation at obligatory NATED activities. A maximum sum for travel cost covered by NATED is set per journey (at present: 2 500). Applicants from non-member institutions must therefore ensure that your institution will co-finance travel costs for participation in obligatory NATED activities (the NATED secretariat may provide further details).

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