The NATED educational program

An outline of the structure and organisation of the NATED educational program:

  • All students will complete the formal educational program in approximately two years and thus the planning cycle takes place on a two year basis.
  • The specialised part of NATED consists of compulsory courses and workshops organised within each thematic track.
  • In addition, NATED conducts activities that move across tracks, with a special focus upon methodological issues. The leaders of each thematic track co-ordinate common activities to ensure coherence.
  • NATED arrange National PhD days once a year which include both inter-track and intra-track activities. NATED candidates must participate in three PhD days conferences.
  • NATED PhD students attend courses in the philosophy of science and research ethics at their PhD programme institution.
  • NATED provides funding for PhD scholars to visit international institutions.
  • NATED provides a virtual learning environment for communication and sharing knowledge (Fronter).
Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4

Course work: Theory and methodology

Course work: Theory and methodology


Planning and designing the study

Draft of the first article

Collecting data

Finishing the first article and draft of the second article

Finishing the second article and draft of the third article

Finishing the third article and the Introduction

Participation in international conference

Presentation in international conference

Stay as visiting scholar

Evaluation of the theses (quality control)

Writing workshops

Writing workshops

Writing workshops

Writing workshops

National PhD days

National PhD days

National PhD days

National PhD days

Writing of the PhD dissertation

  • NATED promotes a culture for continuous writing and active feedback through sharing of ones work with the NATED community.
  • The preferred convention for NATED is article-based dissertations, although monographs can be accepted.
  • The preferred language is English, although occasional publications in Norwegian can be considered.
  • As a main rule, the theses will consist of an introduction and three articles, which may be written with the supervisors or other colleagues. All PhD students will have supervision teams consisting of the main supervisor, a co-supervisor, and a dedicated international reader.
  • International publishing is strongly encouraged.
  • NATED support popular science publications to disseminate information about ongoing research at the national level.

Participation and documentation

Participation in NATED's activities is compulsory (exceptions are listed below as well as in the contract).

  • Each track has both compulsory and non-compulsory activities (see each track activity description).
    • NATED accept the following exceptions from compulsory track activities: international research stays, maternity and sick leaves, finalisation of the PhD dissertation.
    • Other exceptions must be considered by track leaders.
  • It is compulsory to participate at NATED’s annual ‘national PhD days’
    • 3 times (in consecutive order), from the time of admission to the finalisation of the PhD dissertation
    • NATED accept the following exceptions: international research stays, maternity and sick leaves, finalisation of the PhD dissertation.
    • Other exceptions must be considered by the scientific leader.

The open PhD-courses you participate in under the direction of NATED are documented in accordance with the requirements of individual course.

In addition, the tracks arrange closed workshops. You will receive cumulative credit and documentation of these from the track management when you conclude your term of participation, upon request to the track administrative support. Be aware that it is up to each local PhD programme to decide wether they will accept these credited and documented closed NATED activities as part of the fulfillment of the course part of the requirements of their PhD programme.

Participation at the national PhD-days is not credited with ECTS points, but the activities adds essential support to your work and valuable conference experience.



Questions regarding track educational activities can be directed to track management (see each track). Other questions regarding the NATED educational programme activities may be directed to the Scientific leader.

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