NATED profile: Maike Luimes

Track 3 candidate Maike Luimes explores curriculum policy and practice in relation to pre-vocational orientation in Norwegian lower secondary education

Curriculum policy and practice in pre-vocational subjects

Maike Luimes’ PhD project “Curriculum policy and practice: Pre-vocational orientation in Norwegian lower secondary school” is a qualitative case study with policy documents and interviews with policymakers and lower secondary education teachers and students as the empirical data. The PhD project is conducted article-based, consisting three articles and an extended abstract.

The aim of the project is to explore how educational policy relating to pre-vocational orientation in Norwegian lower secondary school is expressed in different curricula and received by teachers and students. Generating knowledge about contemporary educational policy deliberations, the study contributes with knowledge that can inform parts of policymaking for Norwegian lower secondary education that has not been explored much in research.


Video: Maike Luimes talks about her stay in Berlin at a workshop organized by track 3 on August 19th 2016.

The articles

Maike’s first article analyses curriculum policy and pre-vocational subjects in Norwegian curricula from a contemporary perspective. The previous national curriculum (The curriculum for the 10-year compulsory school in Norway, 1997), the contemporary national curriculum (The Knowledge Promotion, 2006) and official policy documents underpinning contemporary policy deliberations (white papers and their passages) are included in the study to explore the recent development of pre-vocational subjects in Norwegian lower secondary school and the curriculum policy behind this development.

The second article analyses interview data collected through a case study conducted in three Norwegian lower secondary schools. Teachers and students’ perspectives on curriculum practice and the pre-vocational subject Arbeidslivsfaget are the main focus of this paper.

The third article explores possible future scenarios of pre-vocational orientation in Norwegian lower secondary school by analyzing expert interviews conducted with policy makers and official policy documents, including the recent proposals for renewal of the current national curriculum (White paper 28, 2015-2016).

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