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  • Kjellerutvalget - organization responsible for the Faculty's student pub (Norwegian only)


Student Democracy

Students are represented on all boards and councils where decisions that effect students are being made.

Student blogger Seyran

She thinks, therefore she blogs. Experience the cheerful writing of Seyran, a Kurdish transplant to Oslo. When not thinking about her blog, she can be found studying as a third-year student in the Bachelor of Pedagogy program or working as the coordinator and editor of the UV blog. Seyran’s interest in psychology and political science has led her to pursue a degree in pedagogy.   Upon graduating, she will seek to combine her degree with these interests to pursue a career in psychology. Enjoy the intellectual and socially relevant posts!

Student Blogger Chad

It’s back to his roots for this American. Chad is studying for his master’s degree in the Philosophy of Higher Education in the country of his grandparents. He left behind the life as a school teacher and a troubled country for a change of scenery, the opportunity for growth, and the search for true love. While not studying, Chad can be found anywhere the winds may take him or searching the hearts of women, all of which is fuel for his blog. Come along and enjoy Watermelonhead’s wild ride!    

Student blogger Onex

Onex is a Kenyan student at the Faculty of Educational Sciences participating as a first-year student in the Higher Education Master Programme. He is an extremely ambitious individual who is in pursuit of happiness and self actualisation. Whilst studying Onex is also a technical production assistant for the Higher Education Development Associations (Hedda) International Higher Education Podcast Series. His blog is written with a clever pen and a charming touch; which will certainly poke a poetic nerve. Bon appetite!

Student Blogger Maryam

Maryam is an Iranian Erasmus Mundus student, studying in the European Higher Education Master Programme. Currently she is writing her thesis on Higher Education and Environmental Sustainability. At the same time, she is working part-time with the Green UiO Group at the University of Oslo. Her blog focuses on Green issues, particularly those occurring at the University of Oslo. With her commitment to green living, she is helping to inspire and enhance all of us with her tips and environmental insights. Go Green with Maryam!

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