Submission of master's thesis

It is mandatory for all students at the University of Oslo to save their thesis on the web.

Publishing your thesis online

It is mandatory for all students at the University of Oslo to save their thesis on the web. You should save your thesis online before you hand it in to the Department. You can do it while you are waiting for your hard copy to be published.

After the submission of your thesis to the Department, it will be checked for consistency with the electronic version of the thesis, which you have saved online. The Department will give permission to publish your thesis online after the final exam and all course requirements are met and exams passed. At last the university library will create a direct link to your thesis thrigh the BIBSYS system.

How to save your thesis online

It is very easy to submit your thesis online using a simple electronic application. Both abstract and the full text of your thesis should be submitted. When the application is sent, you must print out two forms that will appear on the screen: receipt and the obligatory declaration. You must fill out these forms and hand in to your Department together with the hard copy of the thesis. Log on to DUO to save your thesis in the online archive.

If you are a former student and want to submit your thesis online you can do this through DUO. Contact your Department for more information.

Converting to PDF

The thesis should be submitted both as a text document and in a PDF version. Conversion to PDF can be done in the PC labs on the 2nd floor. Follow the instructions: 

  • Choose ”Print…” from the File menu.
  • Choose "PDF Creator" from the menu with Printer names.
  • When the "PDF Creator" is chosen, click OK.
  • You will get a question where you would like to save the PDF file. Choose a folder and click ”Save”.
  • The document is saved in the folder you have chosen. You can now open it and check if everything has been saved properly.

Thesis with restrictions

If you restrict the access to your thesis, it will not be available online.

Students can restrict the thesis based on these two reasons:

  • Confidentiality regulated by law
  • Other serious reasons that do not allow the thesis to be publicly available

If for any of these reasons your master's thesis should be restricted, you should apply to your Department when submitting it.

It is also possible to make the thesis not available online. In this case only the abstract will be made public. The master thesis must be submitted in full text even if it is restricted or not available online.

More information about restricting your thesis.

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