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Picture of Sylvi Stenersen Hovdenak Hovdenak, Sylvi Stenersen Professor +47-22857877
Picture of Tove Seiness Hunskaar Hunskaar, Tove Seiness Adviser +47-22854158 Japan
Picture of Rita Elisabeth Hvistendahl Hvistendahl, Rita Elisabeth Head of Department +47-22844030 Fagdidaktikk, Norskfaget, Minoritetsspråklige barn og unge, Klasseromsforskning, Leseforståelse og tekstbasert læring, Kunnskap i skolen
Hyldmo, Kirsti Adviser +47-22854299
Høgås, Kristoffer Edvard
Picture of Ann Britt Haavik Haavik, Ann Britt Adviser +47-22844160 EKVA
Ingulfsen, Line Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22852920
Picture of Hilde Marie Madsø Jacobsen Jacobsen, Hilde Marie Madsø Project Manager +47-22844821
Jahnsen, Vanja Røkkum Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Fredrik Jensen Jensen, Fredrik Researcher +47-22844591
Picture of Ragnhild Engdal Jensen Jensen, Ragnhild Engdal Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ruth Jensen Jensen, Ruth Associate Professor +47-22844857 USA, Nordic
Picture of Ruth Jensen Jensen, Ruth Associate Professor +47-22844857 +4745411604 Educational Leadership, Educational Leadership and organisational learning
Picture of Inga Staal Jenset Jenset, Inga Staal Postdoctoral Fellow 98853440 Practice, Instructional quality, Teacher education, Classroom research
Picture of Doris Jorde Jorde, Doris Professor +47-22856110 +47-93406990
Kalsoom, Amina Higher Executive Officer +47-22854157
Picture of Jasmina Kazazic Kazazic, Jasmina Executive Officer
Picture of Marit Kjærnsli Kjærnsli, Marit Associate Professor +47-22854153 +47-97726569
Picture of Kirsti Klette Klette, Kirsti Professor +47-22855285 Nordic, USA
Picture of Sarah Beate Klingseid Klingseid, Sarah Beate Higher Executive Officer +47-22855126 Study administration
Picture of Erik Knain Knain, Erik Professor +47-22858252 scientific literacy, socio-scientific issues, Inquiry-based learning
Picture of Karsten Korbøl Korbøl, Karsten Lecturer +47-22844864 99232327
Picture of Heidi Kristensen Kristensen, Heidi Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Ole Andreas Kvamme Kvamme, Ole Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844867 90011561
Picture of Hege Kaarstein Kaarstein, Hege Researcher +47-22856602