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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Olsen, Celin Marie Hoel Higher Executive Officer +47-22857614
Picture of Martin Eek Olsen Olsen, Martin Eek Senior Executive Officer +47-22845753
Picture of Torgeir Onstad Onstad, Torgeir Senior
Ott, Annelie Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Eli Ottesen Ottesen, Eli Professor +47-22854280 teaching and learning, Educational leadership and school development, Teacher education, Professional learning
Pettersen, Andreas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845837
Picture of John Arild Pettersen Pettersen, John Arild Principal Engineer +47-22844916 Local IT support
Picture of Jelena Radisic Radisic, Jelena Postdoctoral Fellow +47 90894467 +47 90894467 EKVA, LEA, educational effectiveness, teacher practices, emergent literacy
Picture of Kari Beate Remmen Remmen, Kari Beate Associate Professor +47-22845684
Picture of Ulrikke Elisabeth Rindal Rindal, Ulrikke Elisabeth Associate Professor +47-22854152
Picture of Astrid Roe Roe, Astrid Senior Researcher +47-22844400
Picture of Anubha Rohatgi Rohatgi, Anubha Senior Adviser +47-22854048 EKVA
Picture of Jostein Andresen Ryen Ryen, Jostein Andresen Senior Adviser +47-22858580
Picture of Kari Anne Rødnes Rødnes, Kari Anne Associate Professor +47-22854834
Picture of Janne T. Scheie Scheie, Janne T. Lecturer +47-22845993
Picture of Fazilat Siddiq Siddiq, Fazilat +47-22857264 Digital competence, ICT literacy, assesment, 21st century skill, USA
Picture of Aud Marit Simensen Simensen, Aud Marit Professor Emeritus
Sjøberg, Mari Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Svein  Sjøberg Sjøberg, Svein Professor Emeritus
Skar, Morten Adviser
Picture of Kaja Granum Skarpaas Skarpaas, Kaja Granum Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Guri Skedsmo Skedsmo, Guri Associate Professor +47-22857622
Picture of Rita Smith Smith, Rita Senior Executive Officer +47-22850019
Picture of Espen Smith-Meyer Smith-Meyer, Espen Senior Executive Officer +47-22854202
Picture of Tonje Stenseth Stenseth, Tonje Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845837