Persons tagged with «EKVA»

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Picture of Julius Kristjan Björnsson Björnsson, Julius Kristjan Researcher +47-22857719 +47-91134593 +4791134593 EKVA, National tests, Psychometrics
Picture of Marion Lunde Caspersen Caspersen, Marion Lunde Senior Executive Officer +47-22854156 EKVA
Picture of Ann Britt Haavik Haavik, Ann Britt Senior Executive Officer +47-22844160 EKVA
Picture of Eva Kristin Narvhus Narvhus, Eva Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22856892 EKVA
Picture of Jelena Radisic Radisic, Jelena Postdoctoral Fellow +47 90894467 +47 90894467 EKVA, LEA, educational effectiveness, teacher practices, emergent literacy
Picture of Anubha Rohatgi Rohatgi, Anubha Adviser +47-22854048 EKVA
Picture of Nani Teig Teig, Nani Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845837 EKVA, PISA, Science education, Educational Science, Learning and teaching