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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aslaksen, Helmer Associate Professor +47-22844482
Picture of Jonas Bakken Bakken, Jonas Associate Professor +47-22845848
Picture of Ole Kristian Bergem Bergem, Ole Kristian Researcher +47-22844125 +47-22855070
Picture of Marte Blikstad-Balas Blikstad-Balas, Marte Associate Professor +47-22850223 Literacy, Reading, Writing, ICT and Learning, ICT, classroom-research
Picture of Christian Brandmo Brandmo, Christian Associate Professor +47 22855243 Educational Science, Educational Leadership, Motivation, Learning Theories, Metacognition, Personal Epistemology
Picture of Lisbeth M. Brevik Brevik, Lisbeth M. Associate Professor +47-22856330 +47-90036500
Picture of Anne Kristin Bø Bø, Anne Kristin
Picture of Esther Tamara Canrinus Canrinus, Esther Tamara Postdoctoral Fellow Teacher education, Professional development, Motivation
Carrai, Debora Associate Professor +47-22857615
Picture of Tor Colbjørnsen Colbjørnsen, Tor Lecturer +47-22855283
Picture of Anne Kristin Dahl Dahl, Anne Kristin Lecturer +47-22844597 +47-97100097
Dewilde, Joke Ingrid Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Nini Ebeltoft Ebeltoft, Nini Senior Lecturer +47-22856247
Picture of Eyvind Elstad Elstad, Eyvind Professor +47-22857613
Picture of Kirsti Lyngvær Engelien Engelien, Kirsti Lyngvær Lecturer +47-22844594
Eriksen, Harald PhD Candidate +47-22844341
Fjeld, Hilde Sofie Lecturer
Picture of Dag T Oddssøn Fjeldstad Fjeldstad, Dag T Oddssøn Senior Lecturer +47-22857614
Picture of Britt Oda Fosse Fosse, Britt Oda Associate Professor +47-22844598
Picture of Tove Stjern Frønes Frønes, Tove Stjern Adviser +47-22844397
Picture of Anniken Furberg Furberg, Anniken Associate Professor +47-22844914 Computer-based Collaborative Learning, Inquiry-based learning, Teaching in computer-based settings, Socio-cultural theory
Picture of Øystein Gilje Gilje, Øystein Associate Professor +47-22858186
Grannäs, Jan Associate Professor
Picture of Liv Sissel Grønmo Grønmo, Liv Sissel Associate Professor +47-22857623
Picture of Ann Elisabeth Gunnulfsen Gunnulfsen, Ann Elisabeth PhD Candidate +47-22858557 +47 97759928 Educational Leadership, Learning and Education, Micro Policy