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Phone +47-22857621
Visiting address Moltke Moes vei 35 Niels Henrik Abels hus 0851 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1099 Blindern 0317 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Educational Sciences (Student)

Current position:

Associate Professor at Department of Teacher Education and School Research (ILS), University of Oslo (UiO). Coordinator, teacher and supervisor in the National School Leadership Program.

Educational background:

2015: PhD, ILS, UiO
2000: Master of Management: BI, Norwegian School of Management,
1988: Business Economist: BI, Norwegian School of Management,
1981: General authoriszation for teaching:Teacher Education Collage,

Employment history:

2016 -         : Associate Professor, (ILS), UiO
                     (Acting project leader for National School Leadership
                      Program, 01.2015 - 06.2016)                
2014 - 2015: University Lecture, ILS, UiO.
2014 - 2008: Research Fellow, ILS, UiO.
2008 - 2005: University Lecture, ILS, UiO. 
2005 - 1999: School Principal in two public elementary schools in Oslo
                     (Svendstuen og Vinderen) and a private upper secondary
                     school in Trondheim.
1999 - 1997: Section Leader, Statskonsult, now a part of the Agency for
                     Public Management and eGovernment.

Research interests:

My professional interests are in the areas of educational leadership, innovation and digitalization in education, workplace learning and leadership development

Completed projects:

The Norwegian Background Report in the OECD project Improving School Leadership, 2007. Project team member.

Digital Learning Resources for School Leadership Training (DLP), 2006-2007. Project team member.

Innovative leadership: Knowledge, technology and new practices. The Project was a longitudinal (2 years) case-study of leadership and school development in a municipality where ICT is used as a tool for developing new practices of adaptive education, 2007 - 2009. Project team member.

School Leadership in Innovative Work. Places and Spaces.

Associate Professor Eli Ottesen,
Department of Teacher Education and School Reserach,
Univerisity of Oslo

Professor Rune Krumsvik,
Department of Education,
Univerisity of Bergen.

Participating in Networks and
Research Groups:

2008-2012:         Member of National Graduate School in Educational
                           Research (NATED)
2008-2014:         Member of the research group FALK (Research on
                           Workplace Learning in the Knowledge Society)
2014 - →            Member of the research group CLEG (Curriculum
                           Studies, Educational leadership and Governance) 
2006 - →             Member of Nordic Educational Research Association
                           (NERA), network Educational Leadership
2010 - →            Member and Co-Convenor (from 2016) of European
                           Educational Research Association (EERA
                           network Educational Leadership
2014 - →            Member of the American Education Research
                           Association (AERA
2009 - →            Member of the Program Council for the conference
                           Digital Development in Schools 
2009 and 2010:  Leader of the organizing committee for the conference


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  • Jensen, Ruth & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2017). Causation in Qualitative Research: An Empirical Example from the Perspective of CHAT.
  • Jensen, Ruth & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2016). How "soft power" becomes visible in leadership development of principals.
  • Jensen, Ruth & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2016). The role of qualitative research as a basis for developing school leadership - Causality in qualitative research.
  • Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug & Jensen, Ruth (2016). Authentic cases derived from school practices: Learning resources in school leadership development.
  • Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug & Jensen, Ruth (2016). Case based Teaching and Learning in School Leadership Development.
  • Aas, Marit; Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug; Helstad, Kristin & Jensen, Ruth (2015). Cased based instruction in school leadership education: Exploring how principals deal with complex leadership challenges.
  • Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug & Jensen, Ruth (2015). The use of authentic cases in school leadership program.
  • Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug; Ottesen, Eli & Krumsvik, Rune Johan (2015). School Leadership in Innovative Work. Places and Spaces.
  • Ottesen, Eli & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2011). Professional development: Providing tools or rules for professional action?.
  • Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug & Ottesen, Eli (2011). Innovative work in school projects: Negotiating objects of inquiry.
  • Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug & Ottesen, Eli (2011). Negotiating objects of inquiry in innovative work in schools.
  • Ottesen, Eli & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2010). Quality development in schools: Issues of power, authority, and influence.
  • Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2009). Innovative work in schools: The function and distribution of leadership.
  • Ottesen, Eli & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2008). Analysing Innovations in Schools: the Distribution of Leadership.
  • Ottesen, Eli & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2008). Implementing or innovating? Challenges of design for innovative practice in schools.
  • Ottesen, Eli & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2008). Implementing or innovating? Challenges of leadership.
  • Ottesen, Eli & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2008). Prosjektledelse.
  • Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2008). Evaluering i og av prosjekter.
  • Ottesen, Eli & Vennebo, Kirsten Foshaug (2007). Net based learning for educational leaders: challenges of design and organisation.

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