Designing for teaching and learning

About the project

Design meets design for teaching and learning in every corner of the school. For example, design for digital technologies and media alters the conditions of learning deigned by the teacher. Teaching and learning in school is also framed by the school as an organisation. Further, educational designs are heavily influenced by textbooks, tests and measurements. Being a teacher means to navigate between many such designs for teaching and learning but at the end make a good decision for the students' design for learning. This project is focusing on the multi-level task of designing for teaching and learning at the crossroads between "old" and "new" designs. The work is based on iterative investigations of design practices in upper secondary schools and in teacher education and will continue into 2017.


The basic publication from the project: In the volume "Undervisning på nye veier. IKT, didaktikk, design" ( Teaching in transformation. ICT, pedagogy, design) (Abstrakt forlag 2007), T. E. Hauge, A. Lund and J. M. Vestøl (Eds.) explored tensions between "old" and "new" designs of teaching in a socio-cultural perspective, and worked out the first step of an educational design model adapted to technology-rich learning environments.

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