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Andre tilknytninger Det utdanningsvitenskapelige fakultet (Student)


I’m a PhD fellow working under the Unit for Quantitative Analysis in Education (EKVA research unit) and Large-scale Educational Assessment (LEA research group). My research interests include: teaching and learning in science (particularly in physics and integrated science), scientific practices and inquiry, argumentation in science and socio-scientific issues, scientific reasoning, and professional development of science teachers. 

Research project

Broadly speaking, my research project focuses on examining Norwegian students’ scientific reasoning through their actions and responses on the scientific literacy assessment in PISA 2015. I’m interested in analyzing the ways the students constructed their arguments, the strategies they used in generating relevant and sufficient evidence through an interactive simulation and the difficulties they encountered in coordinating the existing evidence with acceptable theory. My research thus seeks to understand the quality of the students' arguments and to identify the challenges they faced in constructing their arguments in a large-scale study. Furthermore, this study on students’ scientific arguments will attempt to cast a better light on designing teaching strategies that address the challenges to promote scientific argumentation practices in the classrooms.

What makes this doctoral research special is the incredible support I’ve received from the Faculty of Educational Sciences in general and specifically from my supervisory team who has provided inspiration as well mentorship. My main supervisor is Rolf Vegar Olsen (CEMO), and my co-supervisors are Marit Kjærnsli (PISA) and Ronny Scherer (CEMO).


  • M. A., Science Education, 2011, The University of Texas at Austin, USA.
  • Non-degree, Portfolio Program in Applied Statistical Modeling, 2011, The University of Texas at Austin, USA.
  • B. Ed, Physics, 2005, Universitas Negeri Malang, Indonesia.    

Awards, scholarships, and fellowships

  • Netherlands Fellowship Program, 2012, Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands.
  • Ambassador’s Awards for Academic Excellence, 2012, The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia, USA.
  • Graduate Dean’s Prestigious Fellowship, 2011, The University of Texas at Austin, USA.
  • Critical Thinking Educational Award, 2011, James Randi Educational Foundation, USA.
  • International Ford Fellowship, 2009-2011, Ford Foundation, USA.


  • PPU3210: Del 1. Undervisning og læringsforløp (høst 2016)
Emneord: Naturfagdidaktikk, Læring og utdanning, EKVA


  • Teig, Nani (2016). Students’ ability to think scientifically: Analysis of PISA 2015 and an in-depth case study.

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