Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Foundation programme for academic staff at the University of Oslo

Programme structure

A set introductory module and elective modules focusing on various topics.
Participant work hours: approximately 150 hours. 120 hours for the introductory module and 30 hours divided between 1-2 elective modules.

The aim of the programme

The programme meets the University of Oslo requirements for academic staff for knowledge of teaching and learning in higher education (Basic Pedagogical Requirements, i.e. “Pedagogisk Basiskompetanse”): "Guidelines for assessment and emphasis of teaching competence for appointment to a permanent academic positions that is designated for teaching", adopted by the Senate Committee at the University of Oslo, April 7, 1989 with supplementary notes adopted by the Senate 2/15/94. 21/11/95, adjusted 04.25.96, 16.01.2001 and 10.07.2003" 
Regler for pedagogisk basiskompetanse

The overall aim of the program is to contribute a culture for developing teaching and learning at the University of Oslo. Through a variety of activities the participants are invited to increase their awareness of teaching approaches that may develop student learning. The program invites reflection on the participants’ teaching experiences and provides opportunities try out innovative approaches.

Programme content
See Introductory module and Elective modules

Course work
See Introductory module and Elective modules

The program is offered in Norwegian.

Application and admission
The programme is open for tenured and temporary staff academic staff including PhD and Post Doc students.The number of participants is limited. Admission is based on the date of application. It is recommended to start the foundation programme in “Teaching and learning in higher education” with the introductory module.

Apply here: FUP participant

Diploma to certify foundational knowledge of teaching and learning in higher education is issued to all participants who have completed all parts of the  program. The diploma will be sent out in the beginning of the following semester after you have completed the course.


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