Arild Boman

Associate Professor Emeritus
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Academic interests

- Social aspects and implications of new communication systems at various levels, including potentials and problems of broadband democracy and dependency, with a focus on users and local community development.

- The emergence and development of electronic culture and -art forms, and theories of social communication under varying technological conditions, such as non-reductionist models of communication in various types of ´languages´, (like verbal/audio/visual/ kinetic ones), and development of methods of numerical picture- and sound analysis.

- Development, research and coordination of electronic research mediation/network cooperation, via national television and net-systems: ´The Knowledge Channel´ (Kunnskapskanalen) between Norwegian university-, university college-, and high-level research institutions.


  • Teaching courses in communication, sociology and cultural disciplines at UiO since 1971, mainly at the Institute of Sociology.
  • Started video art teaching at the Norwegian State Academy of Art, 1974.
  • Conductor of workshops in various countries, like in video art, Lagos 1977, local media London 1984, Rostock 1991, Berkeley 2005.
  • Conductor of distance education courses with electronic media, incl. interactive satellites and net systems since 1989.
  • Tutoring students and censor at UiO, University of Lagos, University of Copenhagen, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Higher education and employment history

Education: in sociology, additional disciplines philosophy (methodology) and economics,1970, University of Oslo.
Media studies in tv-production, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation courses.
Art eduction, various studies in piano, electronic music and video.

Main employments:

Period 1970-91: Researcher at The Institute for Social Research, Oslo. Associate professor, Institute of Sociology and Social Geography, UiO.
1985 - 1995:  Coordinating leader of MediaCulture and Tv Forum, with Media Art Gallery.
1995-   Coordinating leader of the Knowledge Channel, university-, research- and culture communication network.
1991 - 1998: Associate professor, The University Center of Information Technology; 1998 - 2010 at InterMedia, UiO.

Honoraria and representations

  • Winner of the Norwegian musicians´ poll rating as organist, 1967.
  • Biennale de Paris, 1969, (with first Norwegian computer art works).
  • Prix International de Television, Geneve, (Tv Forum), 1989.
  • Tv Forum representative to Eurostep, the European organization for satellite education, 1990-92.
  • Prix Pierre-Alain Donnier, Rencontres Media Nord-Sud. Tv-pris (Tv Forum), Geneve, 1994.
  • World Exhibition, Expo 2000 in Hannover. Presentation of music material in Norwegian exhibition video.
  • Biennale di Venezia, 2003. Presentation of early Norwegian VR-experimental work on E. Kurenniemi-video.
  • The Prize for Outstanding Research Mediation 2010, University of Oslo, Faculty of Educational Sciences, with the Knowledge Channel.


The reference group on frequency policy of the Norwegian Telecommunications Authority, 2003-04.
The reference group on ´Digital Divides´ of the Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry, 2001-02.
The State Library Authority committee on libraries and broadband, 2001.
The board of InterMedia, University of Oslo, 1999.
The Norwegian governmental Mass Media Commission, 1978-80.

Professional organisations (board):

Norwegian Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, (Foreningen Ny Musikk), 1969-73
Oslo Musicians´ Union, (Oslo Musikerforening), 1970-71
Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions, Region Oslo, (Oslo faglige samorganisasjon) 1970-75

Other organisations (board):

The Campaign Against Atomic Weapons, (Kampanjen mot atomvåpen, arbeidsutvalget), 1964-65

Oslo Workers´ Society, (Oslo Arbeidersamfunn), 1967-70

Association of Socialist Cultural Workers, (Sosialistiske kulturarbeideres forening), 1974-76

The Norwegian Labour Party, central board, (Det norske Arbeiderpartis sentralstyre), 1969-75 


  • MediaCulture, TV Forum, Gallery Media Art - research&communication network, incl. local and satellite tv; including the Norwegian State Academy of Art, Statistics Norway, Institute for Social Research, The Museum of Contemporary Art, etc., 1985 - 96.
  • Europstep, The European organization for satellite education, 1989 – 93.
  • Kunnskapskanalen (The Knowledge Channel); national research&communication network between Norwegian universities and various university colleges, transmitting nationally in cooperation with the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, 1996 -

Publications from 1969 to 1998

Listed here (pdf), categorized as follows:

1. Sociology of science, social theory, method
2. Communication
3. Culture and art
4. Communication, art & technologies: computer,vr, video, satellite, net, holography
5. Communications technology & society
6. Broadband democray
7. Research- and cultural mediation with new media
8. Digitalization of electronic cultural heritage
9. Other works.

Tags: Education, Museums and communication
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