Renate Andersen

Doctoral Research Fellow - Department of Education
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Phone +47-22840709
Room 4389
Available hours Twitter: @renate_andersen
Visiting address Forskningsparken 0349 Oslo Gautadallèen 21
Postal address Postboks 1092 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic Interests

In my PhD thesis I investigate different forms of mutual product development between amateurs (amateur developers) and professionals in different settings. I am scrutinizing how social media and other technological tools can mediate such processes of mutual development, as a form of collaboration between end users and professional developers.  In these relations it is interesting to investigate how end users and professional deveopers are co-constructing artifacts together. Topics such as user-driven innovation and crowdsourcing as a new form of work and how this may create new forms of learning at work (inter-organizational learning) are also investigated. The topic of MOOCs as a new form of education and participatory pedagogy emphasizing collaboration between end users and organizers is also an important area for research for me. Other areas of interest are ICT and learning, social media in work-life contexts and computer supported collaborated learning.


Higher education and employment history

Higher Education:

  • January 2011 -: Started on my PhD at InterMedia, Faculty of Education. University of Oslo.
  • August 2006 - May 2008 Master in Technology, Organisation and Learning at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.
  • August 2003 - May 2006 Bachelor in Technology, Organisation and Learning at the Departments of Informatics, University of Oslo.

Employment History:

  • August 2008 - Decemeber 2010 Sharepoint konsulent Atea, Oslo.
  • Desember 2006 – August 2008 Research assistant/Avdelingsingeniør at the Departments of Education, University of Oslo .


  • Best paper award (with Anders Mørch) for the paper: "Mutual Development: A Case Study in Customer-Initiated Software Product Development" ved EUD-2009

Community work - reviewing


Tags: Education, ICT and learning


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View all works in Cristin

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