Rolf Steier

Postdoctoral Fellow - Department of Education
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Mobile phone 90692626
Room 4391
Available hours By appointment
Visiting address 0349 Oslo Forskningsparken Gustadallèen 21
Postal address Postboks 1092 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic Interests

I am interested in researching and designing informal learning spaces, interactions, and technologies. I am particularly interested in understanding the relationships between spatial-technological features, social interaction, and learning in museum settings.


2010-: PhD student, InterMedia, University of Oslo

2009: Research assistant, InterMedia, University of Oslo

2008-2009: Fulbright scholar, InterMedia, University of Oslo

2007: Master of Arts in Education: Learning, Design & Technology. Stanford University

2006: Bachelor of Science in Engineering: Product Design. Stanford University


  • Fulbright Grant Award Winner 2008-09
  • Lois Roth Award 2008



Tags: Museums and communication, Education


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  • Pierroux, Palmyre; Steier, Rolf & Sauge, Birgitte (2016). Digital curation and expert practices in museums: A case study of archiving and exhibiting architectural design.
  • Steier, Rolf (2016). Conceptual Understanding and Embodied Learning in General Relativity.
  • Steier, Rolf (2016). Designing learning spaces: moving between schools and museums.
  • Steier, Rolf (2016). Imagining Space and Time: distributed imagination in upper secondary physics classrooms.
  • Steier, Rolf (2016). Making Do-ing: On the Emergence of Representation and Meaning in Collaborative Design Work.
  • Pierroux, Palmyre; Qvale, Anne; Steier, Rolf & Sauge, Birgitte (2014). Posing with Art: Researching and Designing for Performative Acts of Interpretation.
  • Pierroux, Palmyre & Steier, Rolf (2014). Embodied Interpretation: Gesture, Social Interaction and Meaning Making.
  • Steier, Rolf (2014). Designing Interactives in Art Museums: Situating Learning Technologies and Interactions in Gallery Space.
  • Steier, Rolf (2014). Embodied Meaning Making and the Museum: Bodies, Artifacts, and Spaces in Sociocultural Approaches to Museum Learning and Design.
  • Steier, Rolf (2013). Places of Engagement.
  • Steier, Rolf & Pierroux, Palmyre (2013). Social Media and Interaction Design in Art Museums.
  • Steier, Rolf (2012). Exploring digital methods for understanding visitor interactions in an art museum.
  • Steier, Rolf (2012). Interactive Tabletops and Meaning Making in Art and Architecture.
  • Steier, Rolf (2012). Learning Landscapes: Physical Space and Digital Technology in Museum Collaboration and Learning.
  • Steier, Rolf (2011). Snøkult: Teaching Concepts in Architecture in a Touring Museum Workshop.
  • Steier, Rolf (2010). Designing Learning Trajectories with Interactive Tabletops.
  • Steier, Rolf (2009). Considering Physical Space in Museum-Based Mobile Learning.
  • Steier, Rolf (2009). Projecting Knowledge: Mobile Projectors, Space, and Collaborative Learning in Museums.

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