Open seminar: "International Experiences with Performance Agreements in Higher Education"

Presenter in this seminar is senior researcher Ben Jongbloed from The Center for Higher Education Policy Studies, University of Twente, Netherlands

Ben Jongbloed (photo: private)


Currently there's a lot of debate around performance agreements - both in the Netherlands and in Norway. In this seminar, Ben Jongbloed will present the outcomes of a recent research project that provides an overview of fourteen higher education systems from across the world where some form of Performance-Based Funding is in place. In particular, he will look at systems of Performance Agreements between individual higher education institutions and their Ministry of Education. Some interesting lessons about the benefits and dilemmas surrounding Performance-based Funding can be learned from the Netherlands, where Performance Agreements have been in place for three years now. 

The report "Performance-based funding and Performance Agreements in fourteen Higher Education Systems" (Report for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science) is available here.

About the presenter

Ben Jongbloed is a senior research associate at CHEPS since 1992. He studied econometrics at the University of Groningen and completed a PhD at the University of Twente (on the modelling of government expenditure in a macro-econometric framework). He has published widely on governance and resource allocation issues in higher education.

Ben was involved in several international research projects funded by the European Commission, studying reforms in higher education, public-private partnerships, and the building of a classification of European higher education institutions (U-Map). For the European Commission he is currently working on the implementation of a multi-dimensional ranking of universities worldwide (U-Multirank) and on policies aimed at improving student completion in higher education.

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Published Oct. 8, 2015 12:04 PM