Outcomes - Publications

Book Chapters

Pierroux, P. and Steier, R. (2016). Making it Real: Transforming a University and Museum Research Collaboration into a Design Product. In V. Svihla & R. Reeve (Eds.), Design as Scholarship in the Learning Sciences, Chapter 9, pp. 115-129, London: Routledge.

Conference Presentations and Papers

Christidou, D. (forthcoming) Big Data, Thick Data, No Data? The importance of an interdisciplinary approachVisitor Studies Group 2018 Conference, 8-9 March 2018, London, UK.

Christidou, D., Qvale, A. and Pierroux, P. Visitracker: a tool for visitor studies designed through a University and Museum Research Collaboration, The Connected Audience Conference 2017, 2nd International conference on Audience Research and Development, Vienna, September 14-16.

Christidou, D. (2017) Visitor Studies: Understanding Visitors’ Meaning-Making Practices, NordMedia Conference, Tampere, Finland, 17-19 August 2017. 

Pierroux, P. & Qvale, A. (2016) Studying Group Interactions with Visitracker: A Design-Based Research-Practice Partnership. Visitor Studies Conference, July 19-23, Boston, MA.


Invited Talks

Dimitra Christidou

Touching Art: A learning perspective. Museumspedagogisk påskeseminar, April 03, 2017.

Mapping Meaning Making in Museums - Project Presentation, NFR Kulmedia Seminar, Oslo, March 16-17, 2017.

Palmyre Pierroux

Commercial Innovation - Building Collaborative Organizations and Partnerships. Transatlantic Forum 2016. Chicago, October 24-25, 2016.

Visitracker: Et nytt verktøy til kvalitetssikring i museumspraksis. Kvalitet. Program for Det nasjonale museumsmøtet i Molde, September 14-16, 2016.

Cultural Heritage Mediascapes - Project Presentation, NFR Kulmedia Seminar, Bergen, March 3-4, 2016.

Media Design for Museum Experiences: An Interdisciplinary Perspective, University of Tennessee, March 10, 2016.

Cultural Heritage Mediascapes - Project Presentation, LETStudio, University of Gothenburg, November 4-5, 2015.

Formidling til fremtidens museumspublikum, ABM-Seminar, Nordland fylkesbibiotek, Narvik, November 11, 2015.


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