Participants in MIRACLE: Mixed Reality Interactions across Contexts of Learning

From the University of Oslo

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Ingeborg Hognestad Krange
Ole Smørdal Researcher +47-93080473 +4793080473 (mob) EngageLab, ICT and learning, Design-based research, Participatory design, Citizenship, Education
Anders Kluge Researcher +47-22840710 ICT and learning, Education
Hans Christian Arnseth Associate Professor and Head of Research +47-22855348 +47-92245443 (mob) Education, USA, ICT and learning
Alfredo Jornet Gil Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840146 95156142 (mob) +47 95156142 Education, Museums and communication
Sven Magne Bakken Student
Jeremy Toussaint
Muhammad Fahied
Edith Isdal
Nesnass Richard Lawrence
Kenneth Silseth Associate Professor +47-22857637 Education, ICT and learning

Other participants