Researcher's toolbox

This is a community maintained researcher's toolbox with contributions from researchers, educators, designers, and students.

The purpose of this toolbox is to collect experiences that can be relevant and useful for master students and newcomers in educational research.

The Researcher's toolbox is experience driven and is a collection of various tools that are relevant in research.

There are sections for data analysis and virtual ethnography tools, and there are sections for tools that have been used in design interventions and explorations.

The toolbox have two organizing principles:

Research activities

This is a list of common activities in research, such as content analysis, video based ethnography, social media data gathering, data analysis, etc.

Experiences is shared by using the comment thread for each activity.

Tools in research

This list is divided into tools for virtual ethnography, data analysis, and tools and environments for learning.

The tool section merely points you in direction of the homepages, support pages, etc. for the tools.

The Researcher's toolbox is maintained by EngageLab



Per Hetland