Aktuelle saker


  • andersmo Åpent seminar: "Profesjon, autoritet og tillit" 29. mai 2018 10:00

    Innleder på seminaret er professor Anders Molander, Senter for profesjonsstudier, OsloMet.

  • bro-cmi-uio-logo Open seminar: "Youth & Skills for the 21st Century: A Policy Seminar" 7. juni 2018 11:30

    University of Oslo and Chr. Michelsen Institute have collaborated with the Brookings Institution on two research projects - one conducted in Norwegian schools and one in developing countries - to better understand what skills young people require for the 21st century and how to equip them to adapt effectively to a changing world. The seminar will combine presentation of results from the two projects investigating 21st century skills with panels discussing policy implication and directions.

  • Disputas: Christine Ijino Oyenak 15. juni 2018 12:15

    Master Christine Ijino Oyenak vil forsvare sin avhandling for graden ph.d. med tittelen:

    Decentralisation and Multiculturalism in the Sudan/ South Sudan. An Analysis of the Policy and Practice of Multicultural Education in Selected Public Primary in South Sudan.