Siri Wormnæs

Professor emeritus


  • Wormnæs, Siri; Mkumbob, Kitila; Skaar, Bjørn & Refseth, Yngve (2015). Using concept maps to elicit and study student teachers ’ perceptions about inclusive education: a Tanzanian experience. Journal of Education for Teaching.  ISSN 0260-7476.  41(4), s 369- 384 . doi: 10.1080/02607476.2015.1081724
  • Ojok, Patrick & Wormnæs, Siri (2013). Inclusion of pupils with intellectual disabilities: primary school teachers' attitudes and willingness in a rural area in Uganda. International Journal of Inclusive Education.  ISSN 1360-3116.  17(9), s 1003- 1021 . doi: 10.1080/13603116.2012.728251
  • Wormnæs, Siri & Nina, Sellæg (2013). Audio-described educational materials: Ugandan teacher's experiences. The British Journal of Visual Impairment.  ISSN 0264-6196.  31(2), s 164- 171 . doi: 10.1177/0264619613485029
  • Wormnæs, Siri (2010). Kan ICFs klassifikasjon anvendes i forbindelse med logopedisk utredning og rapportskriving?. Spesialpedagogikk.  ISSN 0332-8457.  75(2), s 37- 52 Show summary
  • Wormnæs, Siri & Olsen, Marianne (2009). Mothers' heart speaking: Education enlightens, empowers and protects girls with disabilities. International Journal of Special Education.  ISSN 0827-3383.  24(1), s 64- 74 Show summary
  • Lyster, Solveig-Alma Halaas & Wormnæs, Siri (2008). Constructing Knowledge About Inclusive Classrooms Through DVD-based Learning: Bridging Theory and Practice, In Thomas E. Scruggs & Margo A. Mastropieri (ed.),  Personel Preparation (Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities).  JAI Press Ltd.  ISBN 978-1-5974-9274-4.  Kapittel.  s 125 - 149 Show summary

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  • Wormnæs, Siri (2014). The Right to Education for Persons with Disabilities: Towards Inclusion, In Rune Sarromaa Hausstatter (ed.),  Inclusive education twenty years after Salamanca.  Peter Lang Publishing Group.  ISBN 978-1-4331-2696-3.  Chapter Six.  s 73 - 84
  • Wormnæs, Siri (2010). ICF as a framework for thinking about disabiity and for acting in special education. Show summary
  • Wormnæs, Siri (2010). Including teachers who are blind in teacher education for inclusion - experiences with audio description of training material. Show summary
  • Wormnæs, Siri; Skaar, Bjørn & Refseth, Yngve (2010). Dilemmas in designing a DVD- and net-based material intending to promote reflection among students in special teacher education. Show summary

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