Persons tagged with «Gender Studies»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Falkeid, Unn Professor +47-22856056 +47 99568527 History of Ideas, Intellectual history, Renaissance studies, Humanism, Early Modern Women, Book History, Gender Studies
Gonzalez-Ortega, Nelson Professor +47-22857126 Literary Theory, Decolonial Theory, Gender Studies
Hamelink, Akke Wendelmoet Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22858704 Syria, Gender studies, Subjectivity, Social anthropology, Narrative research, Refugee studies, Middle East, Kurds, Feminist theory, Religion, Diaspora
Karlsen, Heidi Doctoral Research Fellow Digital Humanities, Nordic literature, French literature, Gender Studies, Feminist theory, Reception Studies, Discourse
Morollón Diaz-Faes, Alba Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22854968 Queer Theory, Fairytales and legends, Contemporary Literature, Gender Studies
Mühleisen, Wencke Research Fellow Media, Gender Studies, Sexuality, Queer Theory, Intimacy
Nissen, Axel Professor of American Literature +47-22856889 American Literature, Gay Literature, Gender Studies, American Film History
Thorbjørnsrud, Berit S Professor +47-22858196 40484837 (mob) Middle East, History of Religions, Islam, Gender Studies, CIMS
Xia, Liyang Acting Head of Centre for Ibsen Studies +47-22858687 Ibsen, China, Theatre, Gender Studies, Reception Studies, Translation Studies, Digital Humanities