Persons tagged with «International Relations»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Bakke, Cecilie Figenschou Programme Director China, Human Rights, International Relations, Sustainable Development Goals
Bruni, Giacomo Doctoral Research Fellow +39 3349374916 (mob) International Relations, International Security, Technology, Norms, China
Claes, Dag Harald Professor +47 22857857 91758925 International relations, International Political Economy, International institutions, Energy policy, Energy Transition, oil and gas markets
Elvebakken, Johanne Rokke Doctoral Researcher +47 41430243 Children born of war, Gender Peace and Security, Sexual violence, Conflict-related sexual violence, International relations, International security, Security, Balkan, Kosovo
Hoffmann, Fabian Rene Doctoral Research Fellow International Relations, International Security, Defense Policy, Nuclear Weapons
Knarud, Marianne Senior Adviser +47-22855962 +47-97038103 (mob) Public relations, Politics, EU-policy, International relations, Strategic communication consulting
Krause, Jana Professor Comparative Politics, International relations, Conflict, Conflict Resolution, Gender
Kuyper, Jonathan William Associate Professor Democracy, Political theory, International relations
Larsen, Even Hellan Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22855157 International relations, Security Policy, Nuclear Weapons
Lee, Do Young Postdoctoral Fellow International Relations, International Security, Nuclear Weapons, Extended Deterrence, Alliance Politics, Asia-Pacific
Liyanage, Hasini Ransala Doctoral Research Fellow Nuclear Weapons, International Law, International Politics, International relations, Peace and Conflict Studies
Ottewill-Soulsby, Samuel Researcher Early Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture, Palaeography, Political culture, International Relations
Shams Lahijani, Alireza Postdoctoral Fellow International Order, Conceptual History, International Relations, Middle East
Sjursen, Helene Research Professor +47 22 85 88 33 Common Foreign and Security Policy, International relations, Democracy, Enlargement, European integration, Institutions, European Union
Stegewerns, Dick Associate Professor +47 22857121 Japan, Japanese, History, Politics, International Relations, War Memory, Nationalism, Film Studies, Food Studies, Popular Culture
Stokke, Olav Schram Professor +47 22845964 International Politics, International relations, International cooperation, International Political Economy, International institutions, International environmental governance, Nordic
Trondal, Tron Senior Executive Officer +47 22 85 49 71 International relations, recognition, administration
Ullerø, Sara Marie Senior Adviser Erasmus+, International cooperation, International relations, Student mobility, External funding
Vestad, Guri Senior Adviser +47 22858482 International cooperation, International relations, Internationalisation, Student mobility, Exchange
Wilhelmsen, Trine-Lise Professor +47-22859615 +47-934 10 132 (mob) Shipping, Insurance law, Property and insurance, Tort law, Law and economics, Contracts and agreements, Martime law, Marine insurance, Transportation Law, International Relations, Nordic, Europe