Persons tagged with «Literacy»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Blikstad-Balas, Marte Professor 90824582 Literacy, Reading, Writing, ICT and Learning, ICT, classroom-research
Bollaert, Johan Georges P Doctoral Research Fellow +46737252604 Old Norse Philology, Epigraphy, Runes, Middle Ages, Literacy, PhD candidate
Dewilde, Joke Professor & PhD coordinator +4748186402 (mob) Nordic, multilingualism, linguistic ethnography, sociolinguistics, Literacy
Donolato, Enrica Postdoctoral Fellow Education, Literacy, Numeracy
Glædesdahl, Anne Dehlie Doctoral Research Fellow +45 30910946 Rhetoric, Pedagogy, Writing research, Literacy, Citizenship
Horn, Anna Catharina Researcher +47 22854282 Old Norse Philology, Old Norse Literature, Palaeography, Codicology, Literacy, Manuscripts, Manuscript Culture, Middle Ages, medieval law, Medieval Culture, Medieval History
Johansson, Karl G. Professor 22856142 Medieval Studies, Old Norse, Manuscript Culture, Eddic Poetry, Skaldic Poetry, Orality, Literacy
Nomat, Dilman Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22854125 Education, Bilingual education, Preschool, Literacy
Pettersen, Kenneth Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22859119 Literacy, Modern childhood, ICT and learning, Play
Radisic, Jelena Researcher EKVA, LEA, motivation, instruction, mathematics, ILSA, Literacy
Valen-Sendstad, Ingvild Badhwar Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844279 94018801 Multilingualism, Ethnography, Language Ideologies, Language Policy and Planning, Gender Studies, Literacy