Persons tagged with «Medieval Studies»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Borgen, Linn Willetts Doctoral Research Fellow 0047 976 77 288 Material Culture, Art History, Architecture, Medieval Studies
Bradley, Catherine Anne Associate Professor +47-22854760 Musicology, Music History, Music Theory, Music Analysis, Medieval Studies
Engesland, Nicolai Egjar Doctoral Research Fellow 94 81 15 32 Old/Middle Irish, Old Norse Philology, Medieval Studies, History of Linguistics, PhD candidate
Engh, Line Cecilie Associate Professor +47-22841684 Intellectual History, Medieval Studies
Freund, Andrea Runology, Old Norse, Medieval Studies, Epigraphy, Viking Age
Garipzanov, Ildar Professor +47-22841937 Early Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Viking Age History, Cultural History, Medieval Culture, Political Culture, Numismatics
Heinz, Katharina Doctoral Research Fellow Old Norse Philology, Old Norse, Manuscript Culture, Rhetoric, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture, Middle Ages, PhD
Johansson, Karl G. Professor 22856142 Medieval Studies, Old Norse, Manuscript Culture, Eddic Poetry, Skaldic Poetry, Orality, Literacy
Kesling, Emily Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22854239 Middelalder, Middelalderstudier, Middle Ages, Anglo-Saxon, Medieval Studies
Kjesrud, Karoline Associate Professor +47-22851853 +4791829094 (mob) Medieval Studies, medieval art, medieval literature, old norse philology, plants, horses
Kollandsrud, Kaja Senior conservator - Department of Collection Management +47-22859564 400 43 923 Conservation, Medieval Studies, Art technology, Medieval science, Visual culture, Material culture, Polychromy, Reconstruction
Males, Mikael Associate Professor +47-22857643 47281315 Old Norse Philology, Medieval Studies, Skaldic Poetry
McNicol, John Senior lecturer History, Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Viking Age History, History on Film
Mills, Kristen Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22856139 Ireland, Old Norse Literature, Old Norse Philology, Middle Ages, Medieval Studies, Medieval Culture
Naderer, Max Doctoral Research Fellow Medieval Studies, History
Nordby, Ole-Albert Rønning Doctoral Research Fellow +4741047025 History, The Middle Ages, Medieval History, Medieval Studies, Cultural history, Political culture, Legal history, Scandinavia
Pedersen, Unn Associate Professor +47-22841999 Archaeology, Viking Age, Medieval Studies, Material culture, Craft
Sigurdsson, Jon Vidar Professor +47-22841955 97149914 (mob) +47 97149914 Christianity, Medieval Studies, History, Medieval History, Social History, Viking Age, Vikings, Church History, Iceland, Norway, Political culture, Scandinavia, Cultural history