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Publisert 26. okt. 2018 09:25

In a meta-analysis of 105 experimental and quasi-experimental studies providing more than 500 effect sizes, LEA researchers examined whether learning computer programming is associated with cognitive benefits in other domains. This study tested the bold claims made by educators, policy-makers, and computer scientists that learning to program a computer will help students to become better problem solvers, creative thinkers, and logical reasoners.

Publisert 25. aug. 2010 10:51
Publisert 6. des. 2018 17:29

LEA supports the Faculty's "General Course in Meta-Analysis", a course that is held and organized by the Department of Special Needs Education (ISP). LEA adds one day of teaching to the original course and focuses on Meta-Analytic Structural Equation Modeling (MASEM).

Publisert 10. nov. 2018 13:56

The lecture will focus on the recent meta-analyses of teachers' technology integration in classrooms and the cognitive benefits of learning how to program a computer. Besides, it will illustrate how substantive research in the area of technology-based education and methodological advances of meta-analysis can go hand-in-hand.

Publisert 15. juni 2020 10:49
Publisert 6. mai 2019 09:07

This paper presents a meta-analysis of the relation between measures of K-12 students' socioeconomic status (SES) and ICT literacy. Drawing from the data of 32 independent samples, the 75 extracted correlation coefficients were aggregated to an overall correlation of r = 0.21 (95% CI [0.18, 0.24]) through three-level random-effects modeling. This correlation was subject to moderation effects by study, sample, and measurement characteristics.

Publisert 14. okt. 2014 16:23