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Publisert 4. sep. 2018 10:24

The Northern Lights Conference 2018 presents findings from two key large-scale studies, PISA and TIMSS. The joint Nordic report "Northern Lights on TIMSS ans PISA" forms the basis for all presentations and is officially published during the conference.

Foto av tomme stoler i et auditorium
Publisert 2. aug. 2016 10:50

A cross-national study of how the use of tools is situated, experienced, and legitimated in Norwegian and American university programs.

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Publisert 7. apr. 2015 12:00
The LISA project provide a unique insight into Norwegian classrooms. Photo of researchers discussing by Shane Colvin/ Faculty of Educational Sciences
Publisert 17. des. 2013 10:12

The “Linking Instruction and Student Achievement” – LISA study - investigates the impact of different models of classroom instruction on students’ learning by comparing student achievement data with classroom data

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