Persons tagged with «Oracle»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Gravklev, Ellen Svendby Senior Adviser +47-22854476 +47-95100467 (mob) Project Management, IT Advisory, Application Management, Oracle, Basware
Hauksdottir, Birna Senior Adviser +47-22857031 +47-48051483 (mob) Application Management, System development, Tableau reports, IT Advisory, Oracle
Jakobsen, Elena Senior Executive Officer +47-22857357 Budget, Accounts, HR-system, Economy, Oracle, Basware, Reporting
Kolstad, Elisabeth Section Manager +47-22856308 +47-95037291 (mob) Project management, Counselling, Oracle, Application management
Morken, Tone Senior Adviser +47-22856322 +47-95832712 (mob) Financial reports, Application management, Project management, Oracle, Counselling, Basware, System development
Refsland, Ivar Adviser +47-22857386 911 58 229 Finance, Oracle, Invoices, Department of Chemistry, Financial management, Budget
Rodriguez, Carlos Romeo Higher Executive Officer +47-22840500 +47-95205142 (mob) UiO-noark, Oracle, Cristin, Signs and directions, ePhorte, Mail and postage, Voucher, Reimbursements, Certificates, Invoices, Basware, Reception, Purchasing, Mail room
Wang, Heidi Adviser +47-22857846 +47-48237080 (mob) Counselling, Application testing management, Project management, Basware, Application management, Oracle
Wiersholm, Anne Cathrine Senior Adviser +47-22854867 +47-90027567 (mob) Counselling, Financial reports, System development, Application management, Project management, Oracle
Øvstaas, Christin Senior Adviser +47-22855929 Basware, Counselling, System development, Oracle, Application management