Persons tagged with «PhD»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Alver, Ivar Senior Executive Officer +47 22845333 +4748254524 (mob) Research administration, Reporting, PhD
Aronsen, Elisabeth Senior Executive Officer +47 22851674 +47 92402555 (mob) Administration, Purchasing, PhD, ePhorte, Cristin, Events, Facilitation, Web publishing, Parat, KVU
Bjørnerud, Kari-Anne Adviser +47 22845336 +4795999390 (mob) Administration, Organized research training (doctoral programme), PhD, Theses/dissertations, Trial lecture, Disputation
Bremer, Merethe Senior Adviser +47 22856353 +47 95209393 (mob) Research administration, Research training, Regulations, Statistics, Research school, PhD, Doctoral program
Corell, Mari Adviser +47 22856360 +47 98472085 PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Dragisic, Biljana Senior Executive Officer +47 22855882 Student guidance, Disputation, PhD, Trial lecture, FS, TP, Exchange
Engen, Stian Senior Adviser +47 22840262 +47 90086312 Career development, PhD, PhD life, Postdoc
Enger, Tone Senior Executive Officer +47 22855115 PhD, Exam arranging
Forsudd, Britt-Marie Agneta Senior Executive Officer +47 22856953 PhD, Research administration, Study abroad, Student and Staff mobility
Frammarsvik, Stian Higher Executive Officer +47 22844704 PhD, Organized research training (doctoral programme)
Fægri, Karoline Senior Lecturer +47 22855427 Student guidance, PhD, Programme descriptions, Admissions, Fronter
Gustavsen, Sverre Andreas Sydnes Senior Executive Officer +47 22845055 Admission Ph.D.-programme, Disputation, PhD, Exam arranging
Husa, Marta Higher Executive Officer 97477167 PhD, Disputation
Innes, Anne Gunhild Adviser +47 22855869 PhD, Parat, ePhorte, student administration, exams
Larsen, Ragnar Holst Adviser +47 22844738 PhD, Research school
Majid, Sumera Adviser +47 22845307 PhD, Dr.philos, Doctoral Courses, Admission, Defence
Moe, Birgitte Furberg Doctoral Research Fellow +47 93094504 Nordic literature, PhD, Literature
Nielsen, Sandra Rebekka Senior Executive Officer +47 22856433 Web, research administration, PhD
Salameh, Sarah Adviser +47 22856931 Research support, Research administration, PhD, Cristin, Forskningsrådet, ERC, Privacy, Research Ethics
Sheibani Harat, Mozhdeh Senior Adviser +47 22840130 PhD, Exchange
Skogli, Håkon Higher Executive Officer +47 22845332 PhD, Research administration
Skrede, Zhanna Saidenova Senior Adviser +47 22857890 Research support, External funding, PhD, Cristin, The Research Council of Norway
Sogner, Ingrid Section Manager +47 22854465 +47 90663386 (mob) Management, PhD, ethics, research Infrastructures, External funding, Open Science, Innovation, Legal counselling, Contracts
Stølan, Linn Kristin Section Manager +47 22858056 +47 40605005 Research administration, Research support, PhD, Communication
Wefring, Andrea Dale Higher Executive Officer +47 22856939 PhD, Research support