Persons tagged with «Research administration»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aalby, Anita Adviser 40 48 49 49 Research administration, Research communication, Web publishing
Alver, Ivar Senior Executive Officer +47-22845333 Research administration, Reporting, PhD
Ausland, Ina Marie Senior Executive Officer Conferences, Research administration
Belovodskiy, Andrey Higher Executive Officer +47-22845818 Research administration
Bergseth-Hasle, Mari Adviser – UiO: Nordic – On leave Research administration, External funding
Bremer, Merethe Senior Adviser +47-22856353 +47-95209393 (mob) Research training, Statistics, Doctoral program, Research administration, PhD, Regulations, Research school
Christie, Vibeke Senior Adviser +47-22850643 Research administration, Regulations, Cristin, Research support, North-South programmes (NORHED)
Clausen, Gina Susanna Senior Adviser +47-22844689 Research support, Research administration, Cristin, Research ethics
Dikova, Maria Senior Adviser +47-22858898 QUINT, Nordic centre of excellence, research administration, research support, communication, web publishing, web editor
Egner, Marit Senior Adviser +47-22858490 +47-96239029 International cooperation, Research administration, NORHED, scholars at risk, External funding, NORPART, Global South, South Africa
Evensen, Magnus Garder Senior Adviser +47-22844411 Horizon2020, Research administration
Feltham, Andrew John Head of Office +47-22858936 External funding, Research administration, research communication
Fløystad-Thorsen, Arve Adviser +47-22856069 +4797116069 (mob) External Funding, Research Administration
Forsudd, Britt-Marie Senior Executive Officer +47-22856953 PhD, Research administration, Study abroad, Student and Staff mobility
Fosse, Marit Senior Executive Officer +47-22850120 Research administration, Cristin, External funding, Research communikation, Web publishing
Fotland, Margaret Louise Adviser +47-22856037 Research administration, Documentation, Analysis, CRISitn, Open Access, Research outputs, Research data, Open data, Norwegian Science Index (NVI), Project catalogue, Data sharing, DBH
Friedman, Barbara Bodorkos Adviser +47-22845017 Research administration, Research support
Frostestad, Guro Administrative Manager +47-22859457 External funding, Web editor, ePhorte, Research administration, Cristin
Gakkestad, Mari Adviser +47-22859468 Research administration, External funding, Research Communication, Web editor, Cristin, Open Access
Grefsgård, Ulf Tero Senior Executive Officer +47-22858150 Research administration
Grønner, Torbjørn Senior Adviser +47-22857015 Research administration, External funding, EEA/Norway grants, International cooperation, Research cooperation, Educational cooperation
Haavardsholm, Erlend Kristiansen Senior Adviser +47-22856913 +4741214455 (mob) Defense of thesis, Cristin, Research administration, External funding
Hagen, Dagfinn Administrative Manager +47-22850461 Center for Research on Extremism (C-REX), External funding, Research support, Research administration, Research policy, Research Communication, The Research Council of Norway, H2020, EU
Halvorsen, Ann Kristin Sørli Senior Adviser +47-22856023 EU, Research administration, International cooperation, External funding
Heie, Magnus Senior Executive Officer +47-22844850 97605224 Web, Research administration, PhD
Henriksen, Hilde Senior Adviser +47-22858371 Research administration, Web publishing, External funding
Hjelmesæth , Ida Administrative Director + 47 22 85 87 01 administrative management, Human resources administration, Financial management, Budget, Strategy, Research administration, annual plan
Johansen, Karen Crawshaw Senior Adviser +47-22858476 +47-97578028 (mob) INTPART, International cooperation, Research policy, Research administration
Johnsen, Tor Erik Risvik Adviser +47-22854794 Research administration
Karv, Hanna Senior Adviser +47-22859413 Research administration, External funding, EU, project management
Kraabøl, Bente Lindberg Adviser (+47) 22 85 95 29 (+47) 47 02 69 02 (mob) Research administration, Research support, Budget, Contracts and agreements, External funding
Kristiansen, Ørnulf Higher Executive Officer +47-22859706 46952216 (mob) +47-46952216 Research administration
Kvaale, Kaja Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22844633 Research support, Regulations, External funding, Reseach Politics, Research administration, Management
Kvernmo, Trine Merete Senior Adviser +47-22858458 International cooperation, Priority countries, Russia, Eurasia, Nordic countries, Arctic, Research Administration, Training and development
Lily, Larissa Adviser +47-22857624 Research administration, Research communication, Press contact, Impact, Communication strategy
Lorens-Thommesen, Marta Senior Adviser +47-22845830 Research administration, Research support
Mukhina, Olga Senior Executive Officer +47-22854286 Research administration
Nielsen, Sandra Rebekka Senior Executive Officer +47-22856433 Web, research administration, PhD
Nordick, Lisa Adviser +47-22856041 Research administration, External funding, Cristin
Olofsson, Anna Maria Section Manager +47-22850689 Management, Regulations, External funding, Research politics, Research administration, Research support
Rønningen, Magnus Otto Senior Adviser +47-22854170 Analysis, Corporate governance, Research policy, Awards, Research administration, Research results, Statistics
Salameh, Sarah Adviser +47-22856931 Research support, Research administration
Schimanski, Johan Professor +47-22854314 Comparative Literature, Literature, Literary studies, Literary theory, Borders, National identity, Postcolonialism, Arctic, Welsh literature, Science Fiction, Literary museums, Migration literature, Migration, Research administration
Seierstad, Magnus Senior Adviser +47-22845315 Research administration, Research support, External funding, EU
Silset, Bodil Administrative Manager +47 22 85 97 63 External funding, Research administration, Research support
Sogner, Ingrid Section Manager +47-22854465 +47-90663386 (mob) External funding, Research politics, EU, International cooperation, Innovation, Business, Research administration
Stange, Ingrid Bugge Research advisor +47-22858194 Research administration, Externally funded projects, Cristin (forskningspublikasjoner)
Strøm, Herman Senior Adviser +47-22856034 Research administration, Cristin, SciVal, Open Access, Bibliometrics
Stølan, Linn Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22854435 Web publishing, Research administration, Project management, Web editor, Communication
Tjora, Anna Dyrkorn Higher Executive Officer +47-22857859 Study administration, Research administration
Ulfsnes, Kari-Anne Adviser +47-22840735 +47-92232053 (mob) Research administration
Vimberg, Veronika Adviser Research support, Research administration, Contracts, External funding, Legal counselling
Wandem, Malin Solli Senior Adviser +47-22845808 Research administration, Research support, External funding, EU